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In Game Options - Slider for Bushes, Trees & Preload Radius


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I have a simpe sugestion... to change the "Step" values for Bushes, trees and preload radius in game options to something simpler.


For example I changed my lua file to have bushes "step" 100m when I clock or slide the slider left or right, 500m for trees and 10km for preload radius.


Reason for this, why would you want to have preload radius move by 1m when min/max range for the slider is 150km? That's 150000 clicks, or if you use mouse to move the box you get these stupid values of 1200522 which I think should be rounded off to 1km or 10km etc.


Hope to see this change in next update (so I don't have to change the file myself) :smartass:

No longer active in DCS...

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