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Stutter Problem


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In the VNAO Stallturn server for FC2 I get major stutters and 1 to 2 second freezes, but no crashes.


I tried some BIOS setting changes within this link:




Still have the problem.


While I was setting up TacView I saw a page Optimizing FC2 concerning compressing my Stallturn Mod directory and then defragging my PC again. In Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit a Windows defrag takes usually ten passes. After compressing that folder it took 49 passes to defrag it to 0%. The site is French, you will need a translator to interpret the page (unless you can read French).




Still have the problem.


My ping rate to New Zealand in Multiplayer is 250 to about 300. My frame rates are set at 60 but I get higher than that over 100.


I have a virgin copy of FC2 modded with the Stallturn mod and added TacView. But the problem existed before adding the TacView.


Any ideas?


I turn down most of the unneeded graphic embellishments in FC2.


I will setup a signature later as to my current Alienware rig.


Thanks for any help or insights.



My setup:


Alienware Aurora R3 purchased December 21, 2011:

i7-2600 @ 3.40 that throttles up to 3.9 as needed using Turbo Boost; 2 Nvidia GeForce GT 545 graphics cards in SLI GDDR5; 2 - 500 GB Hybrid SATA-II hard drives in a RAID0 setup 7200 rpm; 8 gigs dual channel DDR3 at 1333MHzRAM; Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit; 3-D, 23 inch wide monitor by Alienware; integrated 7.1 channel sound is all I use; liquid cooling; PSU is 850 watts. It never pulls more than 2 amps using a clamp ammeter to test it. The fans usually are at idle and very quiet. I want to get a single GeForce GTX 580 card but they are still $500 at NewEgg.

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What are your system specs? FC i believe still uses an old engine and it might be the cause of your problems.People do solve their FC issues,but every pc is different.Then it could be the server itself and now the server admin controlls the setting(gpu wise) and not you.

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Here you go as to my specs.


Yes, I only notice the stutter issue to his server. It is just annoying flying close in formation flying to the target area and getting this hesitation. Its a wonder with 1 to 2 second hiccups I don't run into the ground.


I have 6 sticks of Corsair DDR3 2GB modules TR3X6G1600C9 in 9-9-9-24, 1600 MHZ for Core i7 CPUs left over from a previous build. NewEgg sent me twice more than what I ordered for some reason of my previous homebuilt PC. I wonder if I could run my RAM faster. I think inside the case it uses 4 - 2GB slots.


Alienware is ridiculous with their add-on mod prices saying I need propriety stuff. I don't think so. I modded my old Dell with parts from Best Buy, Staples and NewEgg no problem.


There is a guru to the VNAO FSX forum that says the RAM mods have to be just so or it could run slower:




I don't think my RAM is the issue causing stutters. Just an old guy ramblin' on...

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I think it is because of all the triggers used and AI guys in Moa's Kodori Gorge 5 Multiplayer mission that causes the issues.


I ask to various forums hoping a quick fix.


I usually, eventually, figure it out and then post back as to the fix I found for my setup.


I 1st did the Internet with WebTV. Microsoft bought WebTV out, then sat on it as it was competition Microsoft did not want, much like how the Detroit car manufacturers bought up good ideas, then never developed them. WebTV's basic design was manufactured by a few different people, Sony which was one. If users had a problem, we found a good fix within the forums community. For the Sony brand, that did not mean necessarily a similar fix with the other brands. Similarly a good fix with my particular PC setup might not work for the next guy's. And then how about the custom builds?


Sometimes all I need is a simple idea to follow through on that I did not realize, not necessarily by a guru or IT guy.


Since 2004, My 1st Dell, my custom built, and now my Alienware I have always figured problems out using the various forums and helpful people, be it the gurus or just users like me.


I started online Internet gaming late, in 2007. I have found almost everybody that is a gamer is the less than 1% of the PC users that get into the programing code or take their machines apart to see how they tick.


I have never, as of yet, taken my PC to a repair shop to settle hardware or software issues. I guess I am just a cheap SOB!


I usually will copy, then edit my little escapades to other forums. Just typing stuff out is like what I used to do in school. I would take notes as the instructor would talk, not necessarily to study as homework. Just writing it out does something with the brain process and it seems to stick better and if I sleep on it I come up with ideas. Dreaming: that has happened when doing product development in machine shop where we did not have prints but were expected to be the think tank for the engineers.


I ramble. I think it is my feminine nature to write and ramble. I'm not gay but it is a known fact that the differences between males and females are just a little bit of a DNA twist and remnants of each exist in all of us more or less.


Thanks for help with past issues.

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