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Questions regarding 3rd parties stuff


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I downloaded zzzspace sound but where do I install it? I understand there's a Sound folder in FC but there're 3-4 sub folders in it.


Ironhand training doesn't play sound. Yes, I've tried installing the file outside of Lockon and that didn't work.


I installed the Winter patch but how do I activate it?


And is there anything else I should install for FC to get the most out of the game?


Sank you.

ED have been taking my money since 1995. :P

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I'll tell you how I installed zzzspace's soundpack;

1) Go to your lockon directory

2)open SOUNDS folder

3)There you will find folder called EFFECTS...rename that folder to EFFECTS1

4)Make a new folder called EFFECTS again (empty one)

5) Put all the files that are zipped in the new EFFECTS folder

6) In he main SOUNDS folder u will find PLANE.CFG and SOUND.CFG files


8) In the zip file you will find PLANE.CFG and SOUND.CFG....unzip it into sounds folder.


Thats it...by renaming the files and folders you will keep the defaults game settings and sounds if in any case you don't like zzzspace sounds. To revert back to the original settings just delete EFFECTS folder, PLANE.CFG and SOUND.CFG files and the old files (PLANE1.CFG &SOUND1.CFG) delete the number 1 from the name. Same with EFFECTS1 folder.


For Ironhands tutorials my sounds didn't work either dunno why.


To activate the winter/autumn patch simply in mission editor where you choose your weather settings change it from summer(default) to any season you like.

For the addons get more info at http://www.lockonskins.co.uk & http://www.lockonfiles.com/


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Man I love this community. Many thanks to ya.


Ahhh...the weather settings! I haven't played LOMAC for two years and forgotten many of its features. :) Thanks again.


I'll try it right now. :D

ED have been taking my money since 1995. :P

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