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Flaming Cliffs 1.1b help needed!

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Hello all,


I am new in this website but I have been playing Lock on for a long time now. Today I decided to purchased Flaming cliff 1.1, and after installing it my game textures were off my aircraft skins were all white and the cockpit looked bad and overall world textures were just bad.


I am wondering if this is a known issue and if someone could help me out.


PS: I re installed lock on again and then FC 1.1 again with no luck textures are still bad, I was now uninstalling Modman and trying everything all over again but star force server is not connecting and i realized that they deducted me 1 of the 4 activation's that you get when you purchased the game.


I'm sorry if this is an old issue but i couldn't find anything like this in the forums, thank you in advance for your help!

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Could you please show me a screenshot with this issue?


Also, what is your hardware, operating system, and driver configuration?


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Hi EtherealN,


I have a macbook pro 13" (2011 mode) 2.3 GHz dual-core Core i5, Intel HD 3000 Graphics RAM:4GB 1333MHz DDR3 (8GB max) Hard drive 320GB 5400 RPM , Gigabit LAN, Firewire 800, Thunderbolt, 2x USB 2.0, SDHC slot, combined audio in/out jack Nvidia Gforce700 series.


I have splited my hard drive in 2 with MAC and Win 7 which is the one i used to play my pc games.


At the moment Im sorry i cant send you a picture because i uninstalled the game and now starforce is not connecting to the servers to activate my serial number.


Thank you.

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But flaming cliffs is a 800mb patch, shouldn't be working similar to lock on? I had lock on running at maximum settings even with mod man graphics settings to the max. I also have Falcon 4.0 allied force 1.0.13 running at maximum settings. I know my laptop is not the greatest but I thought Flaming cliffs wouldn't be a problem. I guess I lost 6 bucks on this.


Thanks for the feedback KUKY!

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So after installing the game 2 times Its finally working properly. I guess some traces of Modman were still there bugging my game, Unfortunately during this process I spent 2 out of the 4 activation's that my serial comes with. (Should I install modman again for FC 1.1?) .





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