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Kuznetsov "EQP" Bug


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Dear ED Team,


For some reason, even if you

Admiral Kuznetsov > Suppliers > Full Info > EQP > Initial Amount > set all to zero, they are still available. I cloned the same setting with the provided feature to some airport and ammunition was not available on that specific airport is expected. However, this only confirms that Kuznetsov's ammunition customization does not work.


Until it is implemented, is there any way to prevent players from rearming at the specified carrier? If you have any scripts or guides, please could you share them?

Thank you.

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2. The DCS MOVIE information!


I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days, and doesn't die


government: gives me money because of coronavirus

me: spends all money on the missing DCS modules

government: ... you dumbo! We won't give you money anymore

me: It's ok. I don't need anything else - I now have the entire DCS collection

my cat: looking at the empty bowl for a while and goes back to sleep

me: it's hard times, Mig, suck it up!



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