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I just down loaded the Flaming Cliffs demo from the (.ru) site and it locks-up my “NEW” powerful SONY computer I just purchased new. LOMAC works fine. Flaming Cliffs tried to access the DSN server. Is this needed to make the program work properly?:icon_supe


Is there something wrong with the demo?


Or maybe I am doing something wrong, I don’t know, any suggestions would be great. J




Processor Brand:


Processor Class:

Pentium 4 Processor

Processor Number:

560J with HT Technology

Processor Speed:

3.6 GHz

Bus Speed:

800 MHz

Cache Size:

1 MB

System Chipset:

Intel® 915P Express Chipset

Memory Speed:

PC3200 (400MHz)

Memory Technology:


Installed Memory:

1 GB

Maximum Memory:

2 GB

Hard Drive Capacity:

400 GB

Drive Controllers:


Rotational Speed:

7200 RPM

Card Slots:

CompactFlash Card

IBM MicroDrive

Memory Stick

Memory Stick Duo

Memory Stick Pro

SmartMedia Card

Secure Digital(SD)/MMC

xD-Picture Card

Sound Support:

Intel High Definition (HD) Audio

Video Chipset:

NVIDIA® GeForce 6600

Video Bus:

PCI Express x16

Video Integration:


Installed Video Memory:

256 MB



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Sounds like you have a firewall like zone alarm running. Lock on will as part of DirectX check to see if a network is connected to the computer, setting off a firewall. Set The Lock On .exe in the firewall to allow access to the network (or internet) and this problem may go away.


It is important to note that lock on isn't actually using the internet or network, it is merely checking for it presence, however this will trigger a firewall to ask if you want lomac to have access.




PS you problem could be some thing else entirely :)

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