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Cannot activate recently purchased DCS: Black Shark 2


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Two days ago I purchased and downloaded Black Shark 2 from digitalcombatsimulator.com, but when I try to activate the serial key in the game I'm told that the key is incorrect.


I am copy+pasting the key from the website, so there can be no typo. I've made sure there are no extra spaces either in front of the key or at the back. I've also made sure that I'm copying the actual key, rather than something else like the transaction order number.


I've made a support ticket on the website on the same day, but it's been 2 days now without any answer and at this point I'm kind of panicking.


I'm posting here to ask if anybody has had a similar issue before, and perhaps there's some common issue with this and it can be fixed, or should I simply wait longer for a reply on my support ticket (how long does it usually take?).


Thanks for any advice.

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