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Flaming Cliffs 3

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Ok so I've been practicing Aerial refueling. Got the A-10C and Su-33 down, No sweat now. But the F-15.... *face palm* the one time I get a connect, as soon as the boom says contact, I get a jolt and throws my nose up into the tail of the KC.


Anyone have any advise or good youtube links?



Rig: :joystick: :pilotfly:

AMD FX8350 8 core @ Stock Clock

G. Skill X Series 32GB (4x 8GB) @ 2200Mhz OC

GTX 1070 8GB

Corsair H110 Liquid Cooler


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In the current version I believe refueling is bugged if you engage any autopilots modes before connecting to the tanker.

If you do NOT engage any autopilot modes you will be able to connect no problems.


This is obviously not ideal but its something that will be fixed asap.


Here's a quick video anyway......



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