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Ground Level View Pls help!


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How can I change the settings of the external view level limitation?

Now, the limit is 20 or 30 meter high, but I see some screenshot with total 0 meter camera level.

If I set the CameraTerrainRestriction to 0 in view.cfg, the result is nothing.

I found a same name file in view.lua, and this set to true.

What is the setting of the 0 level external view?

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Thank you, it's a very big help for me.

For example, "the Su-30MKI view" is the:


function GetRearCameraPosition(iType)

local p = CockpitLocalPoint[iType]

local r = {}

r[1] = p[1] - 7.0

r[2] = p[2] - 2.0

r[3] = 0.0

return r[1], r[2], r[3]



in the chase.lua


If you set this, the camera front and rear view is almost same as you see in russian video.

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