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MSFFB2 Massive input delay

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I have confirmed this in the SU-25A and P-51D. Due to lack of time i have not tried others but i expect it to happen in every ED made plane.

It does not occur in the MI-8 and UH-1H (The UH-1 has a trim related issue though).


After several minutes in said aircraft the joystick and keyboard controls become delayed, this delay is variable and changes constantly. Sometimes it can take seconds to switch views for example.


I am using the MSFFB2 Joystick and have FFB enabled in options, i get 40-60fps during the occurrence of the bug which should insure that its not a performance related issue.

When FFB is turned off in options the bug does not appear.


If there is any log files or other information needed i'd be happy to post it here.


Edit: upon further testing i have confirmed the issue with most SFM and AFM planes from the FC3 library

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Hi Nopileus,


You are really late to the party.:smilewink:


Fortunately, ED is already working on a solution to this bug.


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