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Broken Pro Clip (Track IR 5) - FIX

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TrackClipPro (got it wrong in the Title block)



Fix #1



From top of thread, 3 messages down (see photos) :




Had my TrackClipPro about 3 years before I dropped my headphones. I used a #8-32 stainless steel screw by 1.5 inches long and 2 stainless nuts and a washer, as the back nut is a lock nut. I cut the head of the screw off before gluing it in the LED side and re-threaded the head end. I freehand ground one side flat about a third of the length of the screw below the thread root diameter so hopefully not to abrade the wires and I formed the end in a stubby taper to be inserted into the LED side socket. Before inserting the screw and gluing it, I filed the mating plastic surfaces flat. LED side, inside the hole I cleared away the plastic with a rotary Dremel with a very small tapered engraving tool bit so the ID was round; kind of tricky with the wires in the way. Don't know specifically what the plastic is. After 3 tries applying glue, different products, my last successful try was "J-B Weld: KwikWeld" 2-part epoxy (Product No. 8276). Sets in 6 minutes, cures in 6 hours. http://www.jbweld.com/

I still use the rubber o-ring friction-spacer.


The fix works great.


So, the next time I drop it, it won't break at this joint, but somewhere else...


{Getting away from a TIR5 TrackClipPro flimsy design (FreeTrack mod, see Message #5)}





Fix #2



30th message down by "soarfeat" :





from these Google Images photo examples, left to right, then down, 12th photo:






Fix #3 (looks like the photos are a dead-link now---July 9, 2015)



This idea is a fix to replace the original finger design instead of using a machine screw. The material used looks to be spring steel. This can be purchased from an industrial machine shop supply source as shim stock or cannibalize something like feeler gages. This is the Chinese language, Google Translate does a nice job converting the web-page to English:




This is off a Chinese flight sim BBS.

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