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Gvardenskoe mountain crash bug!


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yep, sure


in screenshot 306 you can see weather ( wind ) setup ( wind at ground level is 22m/s, think

and in the screenshot 307 you can see the consequences of 22m/s ground level wind - there was no way out :horseback


so, yes. if you reduce wind they will land without crashing


btw, this wasn"t landing example, but i hope it"s quite enough to show you the power of wind



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so if I reduce wind, they will land without crashing?

Yes reduce the speed will work.


If you want to keep the wind speed, LOMAC changes the runway landing direction based on wind speed AND wind direction, so you could change the wind direction at ground level so that for that particular runway it doesn't change landing direction.


Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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