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  1. After a little break at the customs office in Rossiya my beauty has arrived!
  2. Oh, you got yours in one week? Wow... I hope everything is fine with mine. I am located in Berlin and my tracking ended a week ago in a customs office in Rossiya.
  3. I am patiently waiting for mine. It was shipped on 23rd to Berlin, Germany.
  4. Hallo Leute, hat jemand zufällig eine Virpil WarBRD base und nen Alpha R stick abzugeben?
  5. Hey Mikhail, I want to be added too.
  6. Hab Dir mal ne Nachricht wegen der WarBRD base geschickt. VG
  7. Hi Mikhail, do you have any experience with delivery to Germany? Do you know how much postage is via DHL? I really want one too.
  8. For sale - Misc Stuff I’ll take the VKB adapter please. :)
  9. Hey guys I am looking for a right handed premium Kosmosima grip for the Gunfighter MK.2+ base. I am located in Germany. Thanks Patrick
  10. Der Detent auch verbaut? An dem hätte ich Interesse. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  11. Moin liebe Kollegen, was dürfte derzeit ein TM Cougar Set (original und ohne Mods) wert sein? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  12. As Virpil isn't able to put up a working shop system when something is in stock... yeah... I am located in Germany. :)
  13. Hey how did you get these 8 inch LCDs to work? I don't see them sold with driver boards. Did you 3D print a customs houing for the TMFDs and screens?
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