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  1. Does anyone know if the footprint for the new Sinai map by third party developer OnReTech? Will the north edge of the new map match up with the existing Syria map? Could a mission fly across these map's match lines?
  2. With DDR4 is there any performance difference between 2x32GB and 4x16's ? I have an i9-9900K processor, and I am running everything on a single Samsung 970 EVO 1TB drive that is now just over 1/2 full. I am pretty much maxing out my existing 32 GB of RAM. And with all of the other Window's functions running off of the single disk while I try to play DCS, well it likely is not helping the situation! In a big multiplayer mission, performance issues are so bad that I often cannot even participate anymore so I need to make some changes ... just don't know if 64GB of RAM is my solution or not?
  3. Is the F-16 module really incomplete in DCS; say in comparison to the A-10C II module? And is it really that much more bugged than any of the other modules and/or DCS in general? I don't fly the Viper, but was honestly of the opinion that it is of the most complete offered by DCS and functions as well, if not better, than any of the other jets.
  4. On the 2 or 3 occasions that I conscientiously thought to myself 'we now have the burble right at touchdown, need to be aware'; well on those occasions I boltered! On the multiple occasions where I haven't worry about it at all, I hooked up without any problem.
  5. "Intuitive" is a fancy word for someone like me ...
  6. I would buy one of the maps (Syria or Gulf) and as for an aircraft ... go with the A-4 Skyhawk. It is FREE! Look into it: it has a Clickable cockpit, most all of the features that you would pay a lot of money for in other aircraft, and is a blast to fly. After a month or so, then you decide what your second, third & fourth purchases will be. Just my opinion.
  7. Well yes, in every Growling Sidewinder video where he is in the bug!
  8. Not just Liberation, and/or just AI issue. MultiPlayer missions as well; Tomcat spawns next to Hornet, or Hornet spawns in next to Tomcat and they catch on fire! Wing length maybe?
  9. A quick click onto the signup link and I noticed: the "Flight Disposition" box describes the various flight packages; Kasper and Grimlock descriptions seem to be reversed from what they are described to be their "Role" within the signup section (SEAD vs CAP)
  10. I have flown the Hornet exclusively, just purchased the F-16 and downloaded. I own the Winwing Taurus Throttle which for all practical purposes is an FA-18 throttle, and the only stick I own is the FA-18 which is on the Warthog base (don't have the A-10). There has to be guys out there who have the Hornet stick and throttle who are flying the F-16 right? Wondering if you could help me understand which buttons on your stick and throttle you have mapped for which controls? I get it, personal preference, etc., but looking for a good starting point please.
  11. Slaw Device is probably the highest quality component I have seen, and I mean of every component whether that be throttles, joysticks, mounts, ... whatever! They likely will take a while for you to obtain, and they will be a bit pricey, but if you are looking for quality, this is the best one. https://slawdevice.com/en/3-products
  12. Been a month and a half, was hoping it would be easily corrected but apparently not and perhaps never will be the same again? In the mean time, what are the steps that folks doing now to operate their JDAMS and JSOWS?
  13. If it is the DCS Created mission than it probably already has at least one of your radios tuned to the correct frequency, if not then do so and you should be able to communicate with the carrier on Inbound, See you at 10, and the Ball Call.
  14. How do you stop and turn when you are on the ground without them? Are there keyboard commands that accomplish that?
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