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  1. Judging by how they work the approach here in the netherlands, you quite often hear engine's spooling up on short final to correct the sink rate so I'd say so yeah. I think besides the anti skid behavior the way it brakes and lands is as it should be.
  2. Not sure what you mean with fantasy stuff but it's clear that you misunderstood my question since the sea eagle in fact needs to be plotted per target. therefor it's only useful in very small scenario's where you actually have a designated target. Not something large like hoggit where targets constantly change. It is not that they're not available in the weapons menu, it is just that you shoot a missile that has no seeking capacity the way it is implemented now opposed to a harpoon. Where aviodev once spoke about adding the possibility of plotting a course for it in the F10 map.
  3. Very good to know, thanks! by the way.. felt a bit pointless to make another topic about it so I may as well ask it on this one. Has aviodev already re-worked the Sea Eagle so it works without the mission editor? It would be pretty great to be able to use it on servers like hoggit.
  4. And this can be done while you're in the air correct?
  5. Hey there, I just picked the C101 up and have been loving everything about it it's just an absolute blast to fly plus all the little details really put it perhaps even ahead of some other modules. Now, I've been having issues with the ADI drifting rather substantially where it at one point was even inverted and I have yet to find a way to reset it. I've browsed chuck's guide and the aviodev guide but haven't found a clear answer on it. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  6. Pre 2.7 we were running our servers just fine, however as of yesterday evening we're experiencing significant rubber banding both on servers with 10-20 players online and also with just 2-4 online. We're running a TTI mission. The rubber banding is not consistent as the server runs stable, but then experience a certain stutter which is pretty significant every so often. We couldn't directly trace it back to anything else but the update to 2.7 as that's when it started happening. Are there any other servers that are suffering from this?
  7. Love what I'm seeing here especially the video's, I'm currently in the process of looking for a squadron myself to bring my flying to the next level. How long does the training process normally take? Would be great to know so I can keep an eye out for an opening with the european viper instructor.
  8. Oh wow, did not expect that as the naming seemed a bit counter intuitive. I guess this can be closed then. Thanks guys!
  9. Very minor bug I noticed earlier, but the Wing/Tail lighting switch controls the fuselage lights, and the fuselage lights switch control the wing/tail lights on the exterior lights panel
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