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  1. "Every frame" definitely has improved things
  2. I'll try that. I think at the moment I have it set to 1024, but not "every frame"
  3. ...come to think of it. I think it is because the image is too close to the eye. Probably an HMD issue, not sim.
  4. Yeah I tried lowering the brightness. There just seems to be something very odd with it. Not sure what it is.. I never had a problem in real life with night vision on one eye.
  5. Roller25

    NVS in VR

    Anyone else having problems looking through the IHADSS with night vision on in VR? I have it set to right eye but find it extremely difficult to see properly. I've used monocle style night vision in the military many years ago but never found it this distracting. Any pointers? Maybe render both eyes?
  6. Are you actually taking orders already?
  7. I had the same problem. It was because of the visual settings in Windows WMR settings being on 'best performance'.
  8. I will give that a go.. usually forcing dx11 mode results in a very blurry display though..
  9. I have a 6800xt... so all you did with your 6900xt was set default in amd software and turn off motion vector in steamvr?
  10. Yep. I'm pretty sure that is the issue. It just occurred to me not long after posting here.
  11. Hmm, I'll try again. I installed it the same way as the other version through OVGME.
  12. That new version tanks my fps.. returning to previous version returns good fps...
  13. I'll be keen as soon as you have them available. Sooner the better!
  14. Looks fantastic! When do you think you would have electronic kits available and around what price would you be looking at?
  15. Hmmm.. it would be interesting to know how much more force that is compared to a modded MSFFB2. Has anybody measured the force of a resistor modded MSFFB2 with extension?
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