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  1. I had more or less solid 45 as running always on reprojection. After update, It dropped to 30 something range and was 20 something over Damascus. This was HAGS on and using 2.5.6 settings (same than above, but 1.0 PD, 170% Steam SS, water medium).
  2. Hmmn, I had really dodgy performance after the update (probably due having HAGS on) but now after couple of tweaks I got more or less steady 45 fps. Settings: Both textures on High Water on High Civ Traffic Low View Distance High Shadows Low Clouds Standard Everything else Off on the left side, right side, all the sliders all the way to right except gamma of course. Global Illumination on AF 16X Ground shadows Flat Pixel Density 1.2 Steam SS 130% (2516X2464 per eye resolution) but I had to resort installing the updated Kegetys Shader mod. For Nvidia control panels settings, I just copied what Speed-of-heat had Looking at tower on SC deck is still heavy, but not unplayable: But I think HAGS was the one major change I did to cure the frametimes.
  3. Syria, Persian Gulf.. But I think I got it now, had left HAGS on for god knows why, disabled that and seems to be somewhat more stable. Quite stable 45, though, this is offline and just free-flight without AI units. I mean, could just chase the clouds for the whole day, it looks epic. Once ED gets VR optimizations done...
  4. I am bit baffled, I have quite "OK" machine but flying over the cities just kills the frametime totally. I am using always on motionvector, so steady 45 fps when flying in the clouds but any get close to any major city and its death. Huge difference to 2.5.6 where the latest patch allowed more or less steady 45fps over pretty much anything. Any good tips for drivers? Latest and the 461.72, I can see no difference between 'em.
  5. So far bit mixed feelings, there certainly are some performance improvements present, specially when viewing aircraft from external cameras. Even aboard the supercarrier external views seem to be quite silky smooth. In the cockpit, not so much, with same settings than 2.5.6 reprojection kick-in way more often, a lot more graphical anomalies that come with it. Clouds look bit bland, they seem to lack detail when compared even to mirror view. Still definitely better than the rotating stuff we had previously and the direction where we are heading is looking good. Of course one would always wish faster iterations and bigger increments but cannot rush quality. I think so far best thing I've come across is that initial ground targeting via HMD and then pass over to targeting pod finally works like it should.
  6. Just got mine, super easy to install and quality looks to be really nice. No problems re-calibrating and works lightyears better than the original nub. Cardboard box took some beating by the post but everything was intact.
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