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  1. May I ask also the plan for the CM-400 and LS-6 variants?
  2. I'd love to do this but I currently do not have the time, I'll forward this to some of my friends and see if they want to do it
  3. hello, could you check again since all files appear for me?
  4. As said in the title, even if you don't turn on the battery the avionics will overheat, which does not make sense since you need the engine running to get an air source
  5. For LS-6/GB-6: Master Arm ON AG mode select LS-6 in the SMS page make sure ARM stops flashing check the alignment on the right screen under the HSD once alignment is complete select target, this can be done in one of two ways: T(arget) O(f) O(pportunity) mode, to use this designate a Point of interest using one of your sensors, such as the TPOD, ensure that the LS-6 is in TOO mode and then release the weapon P(re)-P(lanned) mode, to use this method click on TOO in the SMS page to select PP mode, press on CNTL to enter the sub page, and then enter the coordinates of the targets on the UFCP and release weapon
  6. As I said PL-11 fox 1, as for bomb types check out this article http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-PLA-GBU.html The PL-15 is a ramjet missile that is quite long, though 300km is probably a bit optimistic, I'd personally put the actual range at 150-250km
  7. The PLAAF has mostly ouyphsded Fox 1s but they use the PL-11, which is a license built version of the Aside which is a modification of the Sparrow, the JF-17 currently does not use any other long range missiles then the SD-10 and thus it used regularly, however the PL-15 (300km range) is rumoured to be tested on the Block III
  8. Agreed! I have considered doing an IIRAF livery myself but do not really have the time, I'd love to see your work and any feedback you may have on the template!
  9. Hello! The livery in question was done by editing the DDS files, however since then I have come up with a template for the JF-17 https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/256477-the-unofficial-jf-17-paintkit/?do=getNewComment
  10. I am currently on holiday so I will do that once I am home
  11. the issue with the probe has been fixed, please reinstall the liivery
  12. thanks for spotting the issue with the AAR probe, will fix it shortly
  13. No that will not be possible, the livery is already selectable by all nations ingame to allow for it's use in MP
  14. Hello, livery is now available at: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317235/ what do you mean? have the livery selectable by all nations?
  15. Hello! I'm back again, I've been working on a series of fictional Digi style camouflages for the JF-17 in PLAAF colors, link to livery: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317235/
  16. one more update, this time a Small one Version 3.1: Fixed color mismatch caused by weathering layers between Main 1 and Main 4 Fixed AO making the Main 06 underside Flaps black updated method of upload to make it much easier to push updates
  17. then said friendly locked said contact?
  18. means you've locked the target
  19. Hello, I've come to report an issue with the normals that cause a weird banding effect, particularly visible if the diffuse is more saturated, normal: effect ingame (look near and under the cockpit):
  20. in the special options select MAP ALT in DMAP type
  21. why is the range to SPI not displayed in AG or AA but still visible in NAV mode on the HSD? AG: NAV:
  22. the file was located in saved game\dcs.xxx\config\options.lua
  23. Hello! I think I'm speaking for all the livery creators of DCS when I say normals are desperately needed for FC3 aircraft, to give them more depth and allow a more realistic look. currently only the MiG-29 has normals on the main fuselage files (but missing them on the gun shroud and engines while the Su-33 has normals for the landing gear and Su-27 has for engines but none whatsoever for the fuselage). including normals will bring the rivets and panel lines to life.
  24. unfortunately not, making a template for the pilot is another matter and very difficult
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