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  1. CPL will guide towards waypoints but not towards Targets, designated by any means: HUD, TGP, AG Radar GMT neither MAP mode, even WPDSG. If you are guiding to a waypoint and you WPDSG it, CPL will deactivate and you won't be able to activate it again unless using AUTO mode with LGBs or dumb bombs, thus making CPL unusable with JDAMs, HARMs in PB Mode or any other weapon without AUTO. In the screenshot i'm attaching I quickly designated a target through the HUD in PG's free flight mission, but as you can see the CPL option doesn't appear on the HUD. As a note it won't work without selecting A/G either. EDIT: Alright I'm leaving the screenshot but I've made a track which represents the issue more clearly. In the track I use CPL at the start with a waypoint, but once I set that waypoint as a target CPL disengages, I try selecting different weapons that seem logical to use along with CPL (GBU-24, GBU-10, GBU-31 and AGM-88) but as previously mentioned only the weapon that can use AUTO delivery mode (GBU-10) will enable me to use CPL, I switch between modes of the weapons, set the aircraft in A2G mode and still, it only works with the Paveway II, then I undesignate and the aircraft automatically selects HSEL for some reason and steers me to the right, forcing me to disengage autopilot, I designate a target with the MAP mode of the radar but it still doesn't work, i hope this helps. F-18 CPL trackfile.trk
  2. Sometimes, when trying to lock with LHAQ mode, HACQ mode or AACQ mode in the F-18, the radar won't lock to the plane you're looking at/the plane the cursor is placed over, it will instead lock a target which doesn't exist a few degrees to either side, after a few seconds it will unlock him, it doesn't follow any pattern, it happens randomly, sometimes it happens the first time you lock a target, sometimes it happens the 7th, but it can reduce BVR performance. The easiest way to recreate it is to try to lock a target using any of these previously mentioned modes in Hornet's radar, the bug is completely reproducible and I've had it happen a few times already. I'm attaching the track where I reproduce the bug, in this case I'm only able to make it happen with AACQ and LHAQ modes, but in another mission it happened in HACQ too. You can see that in one of the attempts it locks a target around 90nm away, then I zoom in and you can clearly see the enemy degrees away from the lock. As a note I checked the MiG-23 wasn't using chaff, and I've had the same happen with other planes like a Fulcrum. Also I'm attaching the .miz file so you can try and recreate it in the same environment as I did. F-18 LHAQ bug.trk BVR for track file.miz
  3. 1.) I was creating a mission in the Persian Gulf, clicked the plane icon on the left to place a plane, and then all of the right hand side menu turned gray, if I clicked on helos only the top part was gray, I tried to place the plane, nothing happened, tried to save, the icon illuminated but nothing happened, if I did it via the top deployable menu nothing happened (Screenshot 1) and if I tried to exit either saving or not, nothing happened, finally I saw could click on every icon and they would turn blue, but I couldn't exit anyway (Screenshot 2). 2.) I don't know what caused the issue, it appeared randomly when clicking the plane icon, something you usually do when creating a mission. 3.) I haven't been able to reproduce the bug, as it's really hard to exactly replicate the conditions I pressed the button at. 4.) I was using the PG map, and I wasn't in flight.
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