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  1. Thanks for the replies. Good to know that this is not just some settings I was missing.
  2. Hi, I have done some searching around the forum, but could not find anything relevant. My aircraft (exterior as well as interior) is unaffected by the airfield floodlights. Is this is a bug, wrong settings or an optimization issue? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks I should add that this is a screenshot from VR, but as far as I remember my pre-VR game-play, it behaves the same on a flat screen.
  3. Hi, First of all, I must say how beatifully crafted the Jug is. Well done! So much so that I am reporting this niggle as a bug. Looking at the clock, they tick in 1s intervals. This is typical of modern, electronic, quartz controlled clocks and watches (1970-80s onwards). Traditional, mechanical clock will have a smoother sweep, 4-5 ticks a second. Once seen, it is diffult to unsee. Thanks
  4. Thanks for a great campaign. I really enjoyed it. Lots of interesting, well voiced dialogs that are fun to listen to and really help with the immersion. I must admit that for me personally, your M2000 Georgia campaign was even better. At times it felt that the complexity of the Red flag missions was pushing the limits of what DCS can do. It was easy to miss a trigger, at times difficult to get my wingman to do anything useful and the somewhat clunky DCS interface just does not help with the workload when dealing with what felt like real world radio procedures. I also hit the DCS AI bugs as described above, which does break the flow of the story. Still, top notch stuff and a great insight into modern combat aircraft operations!
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