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  1. What can I say.. as long as it doesn’t happen every time you should be good
  2. Well… these will be the same squadrons as in previous campaigns - the ones that were in the novel. Would not be a good idea to recreate a book and use different squadrons that were there. BTW - why do you think it was a bad idea, @VDV?
  3. Thank you so much for these kind words! Hope you don’t mind me posting this on my FB channel!
  4. Alright, all of the issues should be fixed. There is one DCS bug still that the precise coordinates introduced into the INS will cause the JSOWs to miss, but it should be resolved soon by ED.
  5. This will be out with the next update.
  6. Dear all, I know that recently there were some problems with the M-2000C Red Flag campaign, some created by AI logic at Nellis, some because of other quirks. I am currently reflying all the missions and intend to give it a thorough look & fix all problems in the next month or so. Please stay tuned & be patient, will be reporting back.
  7. Thanks. The funny thing is: I didn't change the coordinates nor voiceovers and they did work perfectly well for the last year. I will need to check with ED if they didn't update something on the map or something, because otherwise there is no way this suddenly should stop working. @ClydeBigBird @Lekaa I just checked in game. There is something very wrong when it comes to coordinates on F10 map and what you get in game... reported it. EDIT: confirmed as DCS bug & reported to the team.
  8. Hey guys, I tried to fix this and unfortunately I can't do it unless I go through each mission and change the frequency for wingman back to UHF, update all the docs and also troubleshoot overlapping comms that we will have on UHF if I do this. Which means that for the time being there is no fix and that you will have to fly without the ATC until I find a way to get it working. These are some under-the-hood changes in DCS unfortunately...
  9. Just checked the mission, another one where I cannot reproduce the problem, everything seems to be working fine on my end... I suspect some kind of user error OR DCS bug with radio presets. I would generally recommend manual freq switching for the entire campaign.
  10. I just checked and everything works as intended, maybe you forgot to reply to Tower that you are gear down?
  11. I just flew the mission and it works OK for me... please try again, everything also looks fine trigger-wise.
  12. Hey, sorry - all works well on my end, cannot reproduce the issue..
  13. Thanks guys, I'll see if I can squash those bugs!
  14. Hey guys, Thought I start a new topic here posting news about the upcoming prequel to the Raven One campaign. Starting with this little snippet below (only 1 min of in-game footage), I'll try to capture some interesting moments during the testing and post them as I go. EDIT: snippet 2 added
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