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  1. Join the discord. There is the link.. https://discord.gg/4WxDkDAmRs
  2. Yes sorry, ive deleted it... I will upload it soon... Check the discord for the new information
  3. Hola, no no puedes, es una opción de 'arma'
  4. I have posted it several times. https://discord.gg/KxyqVrPbzT
  5. I will post a new one in the discord in a few!
  6. Nvm only the tail works for now, the rotor will come in the next version
  7. Send me a message in the CH-53 discord and i will give you the glass.dds
  8. Hey we have a 4k template join the discord server its there... It should work?!?? We have a IDF livery i will add it in the next release!
  9. Hello Damienntrix, do the helos have a cockpit or not?  kind regards

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