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  1. works with this modification: result += color * noise3((i.projPos.xy*0.0+0.5) * 400, gModelTime * 0) ;
  2. no because I'm not good at editing textures but as said on page 1 any help for this is welcome
  3. I'm updating my mod Pack 8 French Army AI helicopters, various structures, 17 vehicles, I'm going to change the name of my tiger to avoid bugs. (new name tiger: dams tigre)
  4. my mod bug with dcs 2.7.5 I am looking for the reason and I will update the mod
  5. Hola Damienntrix

    Soy un fanàtico de los helos y me encanta pilotarlos y hacer misiones en DCS con èllos 

    He visto esta serie que has posteado y me gustarìa saber si se pueden volar  

    Si fuera asì , donde puedo acceder a descargarlos 

    Un saludo

  6. very good job, your mod is a must. would it be possible to transpose it to ka-50 by taking the ka canon as a reference?
  7. the death of the modder for dcs is near
  8. bug lods nh90 file corrected nh90 lods file placed in: C: \ Users \ "" \ Saved Games \ DCS \ Mods \ aircraft \ mod_tech_aircraft_damien_dcs_14_03_21 \ Shapes link: https://e.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZBtjXZdHLdyS9AmhLr3rdImvNOqHoypyIX
  9. Hello Damienntrix, do the helos have a cockpit or not?  kind regards

  10. helicopter landing gears are controlled by argument 192 which in dcs corresponds to navigation lights. because I have not found how to animate landing gear for helicopters in dcs. do not take off the helicopters with the engine running and there will be no problem. if that she knows how to animate the trains of the helicopters I am taker
  11. modification of the Clemenceau.lua file to have 14 helicopter parking spaces in AI, not yet tested with a multi player link:https://e.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZmG7XZr61F3gzphshCHcGIgysuE8JRY94X
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