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  1. Sword 1-2 Zachrix MiG-21Bis
  2. He had a new kid so prolly busy on that. BUT HE NEEDS TO COME BACK at some point
  3. I swear it requires Shakespeare's reading comprehension to understand you my austrian friend.
  4. The best would be to somehow force it to be 124 like you mentioned.
  5. Unfortunately, when CAP was good there was no CAS however when there was CAS CAP simply didn't exist. I tried my best, but 23 just ain't enough
  6. How do you reconcile this with something like the Mirage?
  7. Just get it and listen to the best of your ability.......
  8. Let's not put the password in TS, how about on the forums
  9. Your question was framed weirdly lol
  10. Where is there only a mission between f18 and the 21?
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