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  1. Hi fellow pilots. We, at the 175th MAG, are looking to recruit some A-10C II pilots. We are a growing squadron with some really experienced guys in the cockpit. Our currents members range from people with former US Military and US Air Force experience to your average Joe. We enjoy the mil-sim in DCS by following close to real life procedures which we learn about from the experienced guys. However, while doing so we make sure to enjoy ourselves rather than letting the mil-sim taint our experiences. We hold scheduled training sorties multiple times a week including joint operations with pilots of other airframes from within the 175th MAG. We are currently deployed to Syria for Operation Zero Tolerance which is a Dynamic Liberation Campaign. If you have never experienced DCS multiplayer then I highly recommend joining as many of our members can attest that playing DCS with other real-life players is game changing. If any of this piques your interest or you have any questions about the 175th and the A-10 Squadron 36th FS Cougars then feel free to reply to this message or hit me up with a DM and I’ll be happy to have a chat. Havy, Message me here: Havy#6184 Discord https://discord.gg/QcHnRS37
  2. @Operator515We are looking for A-10 Pilots right now. We are a small group of guys that love to fly, we are laid back but take our flying seriously and professionally. If you are looking to hook up with a solid group of guys. I would love to talk with you more, just shoot me a message. Look forward to it. Havy
  3. @melchionda Would love to chat with you about your interest in the A-10. We are looking for A-10 pilots right now. Shoot me a message so we could talk more, that would be great. Look forward to talking to you Melchionda!
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