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  1. I will second that it's a waste of money, very cool in concept but none of them, regardless of quality or phone screen or anything really actually feel like VR the way a legit HMD does. Take the money you would have spent on these and put it toward a quest2 or a used G1 or something and you'll be much better off. EDIT: I will the say I used a google daydream phone based HMD to watch movies on an amtrak a couple times way back in the day and it was passable for that task, but still nowhere near as good as even Gen 1 dedicated vr headsets (vive, cv1, etc) and they would be fully useless for playing on DCS on.
  2. I have the same issue, though really I'm not finding that I need either with the aero getting pretty stable 40-60fps kind of amazing considering how much I struggled to maintain those same numbers with the Index
  3. well even if I wanted to fsr and nis crashes DCS for me for some reason, I'll try dipping the resolution override down a little and see where it lands me. My real issue is I think I have a bit of the dreaded smear/ghosting going on with my HMD, gonna play around with it for the night and reach out varjo about a possible RMA
  4. DCS crashes if I enable FSR and then lower the resolution in the openxr menu below 100% (which by my understanding you need to do for it to actually apply upscaling?) anyone else having this issue? just got my aero today and the image looks amazing I'm just trying to cut down on the ghosting
  5. as I understand it that's how it works IRL, single eye projection is accurate.
  6. I see hmd.hlsl what do I need to edit in there to correct the nvg issue?
  7. this was great, and now I'm even more excited for my aero to finally arrive.
  8. I'm having this issue too! been trying to narrow down which VR enhancement bodge is to blame without luck.
  9. I just used sticker sheets of hook and loop off amazon and it feels totally secure to me, its never detached or needed adjustment, it helps that the vpc throttles are just a big flat square with lots of surface area, another model of throttle could have less surface area and hypothetically be less firmly stuck.
  10. I don't have a solution for you but that's adorable and I love it.
  11. oh I don't mind at all, any excuse to show off my eternally under construction simpit is a good excuse.
  12. yeah definetly not for a stick, but I use velcro for my throttle, mfds and some button boxes and it works just fine
  13. I just used velcro and its been holding up perfectly for over a year now, throttle is rock solid.
  14. my understanding is that is the resolution for the mirror image displayed on your monitor of your vr view, I have mine set to its minimum.
  15. Lshift-F7 is not opening the menu for me for this version, I believe it is installed and working I have the files in my directory and i installed it using open mod manager like I do for everything else, is there a settings file where this hotkey is set that I could check?
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