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  1. I am still using only Steam VR but have settled on using Vsync on in Varjo Base and forced to 45 fps. Seems to give me the better overall experience in DCS. I am not going to hit 90 fps in DCS so no need for my GPU to constantly be shooting for that. Seemed to lower my GPU temp a little as well which helps boost clock. Hopefully someday before too long Varjo will get some form of Motion Compensation/smoothing working with the Aero. Maybe that will be even better.
  2. Ok thanks for the info I will play around with the different base settings some more. What's a little more tweaking LOL. I have been pretty happy with my current settings using the High base setting and lowering Steam VR res down to like 90%. I will probably still stay away from the Open XR Mod though.
  3. So you have gone back to using Open XR with DCS now? I have not tried since that initial time I did and was not all that impressed by it with DCS. Have been back to using Steam VR ever since. I could not imagine trying to run at highest Varjo Base setting. Love using the Toolkit with MSFS 2020 but that has native Open XR support.
  4. Can't go wrong with the Crosswinds, incredible pedals - been running mine since Dec 2015 with zero issues. And he just doubled the resolution of the pedals in a recent firmware update - not that they were not already extremely precise before.
  5. Only thing I will say to correct something is that video was made back in Dec and the distortion he is talking about has for the most part been taken care of already with a new distortion profile. Yeah early on it had an issue with distortion.
  6. Your OP asked how it "feels"... I will stay away from this one, and just say I love and enjoy my Aero very much. Have fun,
  7. Well after some time with it now I definitely find it easier since the update to enter a true zero speed hover using ATT than previously prior to the update. Once getting there before engaging ATT takes a good amount of left pedal along with using force trim. And making sure no serious drop in altitude - don't let it get much over 300 ft/min whilst getting the chopper stabilized. Then engage ATT and poof nice hover, just then check altitude is stable.
  8. Heck of a nice stick and base, absolutely love mine.
  9. My V2 base stations are so quiet I really don't hear them. These are the ones that came with my Index. Have used them also with Vive Pro 2 and now Aero. Only time I hear anything is the initial spinning up when I turn them on and that is very faint. Don't know if it makes any difference but I have my three mounted on tripods.
  10. Yeah George has got me into trouble on more than one occasion with his targeting. I have learned to be very careful now. He also still has some trouble focusing his targeting on where I am looking after the first time doing it. If I change it he keeps wanting to go back to like the original first spot I was looking. I am like - no George that is not where I was looking. He is not good at listening. I think sometime he just likes to irritate me.
  11. Trust me - you are. You can use the mod (if that is what you are using) to bypass Open VR with Open XR, but Steam VR you can not bypass. That is where the Aero gets it's tracking info from and it will always at the least run in the background. No way around that.
  12. Did you happen to update DCS today without restarting vaicom/voice attack?
  13. Yeah that is quite understandable. I am sure he would love to get it back down to that, but guess it continues to remain very popular with orders pouring in. But I am telling ya, don't give up - if you are on the list, it will be so worth the wait. I waited a year for mine and so glad now that I did.
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