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  1. Take it all!!! I can't wait for this to be released!!!
  2. PHUCKING PHANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Dammit, I just put the folder "VPC Airfield Equipment v0.9.6 (by voc & edited by Rudel_chw)" in Tech. It was of course premade for OvGME, so there were subfolder. Sigh.... Sorry for wasting your time. Thanks for keeping this alive. Can't wait to test it out. Have a great weekend
  4. Thanks for replying. I've attached the dcs.log. I put the folder(VPC Airfield Equipment v0.9.6 (by voc & edited by Rudel_chw)) in: saved games/dcs.openbeta/Mods/Tech and the fake lights files (VPC fix for 2.7 (by Shlee)) in: D:\Spil\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\shaders\model But the files doesn't show up in ME. I checked that the clock-thing isn't selected dcs.log
  5. I can't get this to work. And I'm used to using mods. I've tried (I think) everything, checking installed modules, putting it in different folders besides the one it should be in. The Civ Plane mod works. Does anyone have an idea what I could be doing wrong? Have a great weekend all
  6. Came back to DCS and the Tomcat after a long break. And it seems like Jester is far worse off locking up contacts than I remember. I might be wrong but he rarely locks up anything even when he calls them out and they're 12 o'clock and close. Did HB change something regarding this? Or is it just me remembering wrong.
  7. GVO

    Pilot body

    Yes same here. I wonder why so few modules have a pilot body. But perhaps it takes way more work than I imagine.
  8. Ok, that solved the problem. It was because I just copied the terrain files from my old game. Thanks for all the replies, guys. Have a nice day
  9. Hmmm I just realized that I copied the terrains from my old computer. It seems very likely that this is the reason. Will delete and download them and see if this helps.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I checked my time and timezone and all is ok. And I just wonder why all the other DLC's I have are not affected? And it just names the 3 maps that are not authorized: MarianaIslands Syria Normandy But I can't even use Nevada map?
  11. Hello, After installing the game on my new PC (hello 3090 ) suddenly my maps are not authorized. I never had this issue before. It's a clean install and no mods. I tried to repair but no luck. I have all these 3 maps and get this message when I start: Authorization is valid for 2d 23h 59m The following DLCs are not authorized and will be disabled: MarianaIslands Syria Normandy Have a nice evening
  12. GVO

    So it is "D"

    This is my dream module after the Tomcat. I can’t wait to fly it
  13. It really is a fantastic addition to DCS! Thank you ED for the hard work
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