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  1. 0.3.0 is progressing nicely, a mostly stable development build is always available on develop branch in github. I have few more tests to run but it's almost here
  2. Note that Hound supports the Viggen as a valid ELINT platform, so you can pretty much fly the same mission you just did but with Hound doing the ELINT processing. a few tips if you attempt to do it. 1. Hound cannot verify your loadout and it requires the platform to in in game and active when added to Hound, so you'll need to add the Viggens only after they are airborne. I recommend you have some sort of a "fence-in"/"fence-out" trigger, to add and remove them from hound. This will allow them only to collect information "behind enemy lines". 2. Hound processes information in a "networked" manner. so all platforms are sharing readings and the system then processes it in real time. unlike multiple independent Viggens, that need to land then you can try and fuse the info. 3. Hound will generate RT actionable intel. if you want it for subsequent missions, You'll need to export the data collected, but that is currently only available in the develop build in github.
  3. IRL it's a decoy. Its purpose is to transmit signals exactly as the real radar will (without all the actual Radar stuff). The idea behind this is that ARM missiles, ELINT platrorms, RWR receivers All are fooled to think a living breathing radar is lurking around. The exact usage is of course classified. But that's the jist of it.
  4. Phalon was one of the first AWACS attempts the IAI has made. I think it eventually was only sold to chile in it's 707 form. China wanted to upgrade one of their A-50s to phalcon, but that was blocked by the US IIRC (still have photos of the dish-less aircraft before it was returned home). Current AWACS (and ELINT) platforms for the Israeli Air-force are based around the G-550.
  5. Just adding a small comment. The units are valid in Hound from version 0.2.3 onward. currently 0.2.3 is available in the develop branch. should be released soon (few more bugs to squish)
  6. You can Add Hound to that list Personally Per Unit menus, commands and text messages would be welcomed. to that list I would also add a method of updating map markers (which does not involve delete and recreate) and more payload info functions for Units, which are not just getAmmo() and getFuel(). Personally I would like to know when a user takes off with HTS or U22A. But every one of us can think of a use case for his own scripts. I'm sure Skynet can find benifit from knowing if a unit has an ECM pod. something like MOOSE to check for TGP on FACA Unit to be able to allow it to realistically designate. also with Link 16 platforms getting more common, I would love to be able to push threats or messages to players via Link16. (for example A10 9-line message, or PPT for Hornet or Viper). again, we can all be creative with that.
  7. Hound 0.2.2 is out. changelog in the first post.
  8. "Saraf" is an actual venomous snake native to Israel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atractaspis_engaddensis All Israeli attack helicopters are serpents. AH-1 cobra is "tzefa" (Viper) AH-64A is "Peten" (Cobra) And the 64D is the "Saraf" mentioned above.
  9. Thank you both! exacly what I was looking for! much appriciated
  10. Hi all, Has anyone has publixly available performance data for the Apache? Specifically i'm looking for hover power requirements for weight at a given density altitude. I don't know exactly what would be available, but everything in that area would be welcomed. Uri
  11. for example https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321097/
  12. You can always try the same approach as this. only use FreeJoy and a BluePill STM32 board. that would also be very flexible.
  13. There are some functionality I want to add to My ELINT script Hound. but I'm missing some functionality. 1. Ability to Get pods (TGP,ECM,ELINT etc) loaded on a Unit. similar to how GetAmmo is working. I'm fine with them being part of the getAmmo function. or even part of an extended getSensors (have a 4th category called "external" or something) 2. Ability to get the current mission a Unit is performing. (similar to controller.hasTask) 3. Add "Push to Datalink" function. to allow adding things over Link16 similar to JTAC tasking or something like that, to allow injection of Markpoints, threats or something else by a mission builder. can be tied to specific assets like AWACS
  14. Also TOSS! In addition, one related static model request In the 70s the Israeli airforce had oil drum towers (55gal oil drums painted white) along the borders at key positions. These drum towers were used as IP or as last waypoint in friendly territory and allowed a fixed known point to remove drift from INS.
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