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  1. I'm currently using a GTX 1080 with the Reverb. My experience has been relatively good. I'm able to hold 45FPS during all non combat flying and in the F-5 defend the base instant action mission. Pixel density is set to 1.2. That's what I've tested so far. I'm still learning WMR quirks coming from the Rift. So there's likely a better way to have this thing configured, I've done no tweaks beyond pixel density. Note these tests were on Win 10 1803. I'm upgrading to 1903 tonight which in theory should yield a little performance bump. That said I'm still saving the pennies for an upgrade. It works, but its not as smooth as it should be and there are still hitches. Also FWIW I too have the screen flicker issue in the right eye. Made my girlfriend want to puke first time she put it on. The flicker goes away with a light bashing of the headset.
  2. I am also having this issue along with all the DCS pilots I know. This stutter is the worst kind of performance hit because we can have 80-90FPS or locked at 60FPS with Vsync and still this stutter degrades the experience. The only way to combat it that we've seen so far is to attain really high frame rates sacrificing almost all graphic quality for smoothness. It seems to mostly relate to the loading of new assets. Things such as vis-distance, and tree population, shadows, and the moving of the current view angle (more stutter when loading new assets). I look forward to solving this issue as the DCS 2.0 engine is clearly capable of a smoother experience. Let me know if there's anything you'd want tested specifically.
  3. I just wanted to report back that installing MSI Afterburner and forcing fan speed and forcing constant voltage (in the settings menu) solved my black screen issues.
  4. I have the same problem, have seen a couple suggestions searching the forums. The most often mentioned answer is an under volting or overheating problem. Not that DCS makes much use of a modern vid card, but precisely because it does not make good use the of the vid card the card bios ramps down the voltage and fan speed. Then a quick spike in needed vid card processing power from DCS and the thing has a stroke. (A sure sign of top of the line programming on ED's part) I'm going to try a little TLC on the interior of my case, blow out dust, reseat my vid card, and force the vid card fans up to max.
  5. Until ED get the frame rate up in DCS no VR product, DK2 or CV1, will be a pleasant experience. We'll have to wait and see if they make that a priority. The base engine is showing its age and EDGE won't solve that.
  6. According to the Mach meter, the DCS F-86 can currently super cruise. It can even go supersonic in a climb. Beta Alpha
  7. It just doesn't work currently. According to the manual there is a drop tank fuel shutoff valve on the left aft console, currently that is absent. Its also unnecessary, when the valve is on drop tank fuel is forced into the forward fuselage tank before being consumed. Its only has one mode that consumes drop tanks first.
  8. It will have 100B star systems and 400B stars. All procedurally generated and unique. Here's their latest video of a main sequence star. Say what you will about art style and interface, elite isn't a simple game. Art style is following current VR resolution capabilities. Once those capabilities improve we'll quickly return to more engaging UI. Looking forward to CV1
  9. In the early days of space flight the middle glove finger was straight while the other fingers curved. You don't need to be able to articulate your digits to slap buttons.
  10. This. I'm betting once the ED devs get a chance to mess around with the Rift basic support will be right around the corner. SBS is implemented and can be streamlined after basic support, so its applying the oversized render area plus barrel warp. Then pulling the Oculus SDK header files to grab the sensor fusion data directly. The polish of mouse cursor, 3D menus, etc. can be added over time. Also with the current firmware/sdk, Rift detection is possible, so DCS menus, mission editor, etc. can remain on our main HD screens, with a selection menu after the Fly button is pressed but before the 3D world is loaded- 'HMD Detected, would you like to use the Oculus Rift'. See iRacing for the same implementation. But for DCS to really do VR they'll need to up their frame rates and render efficiencies considerably. That will come later; for now we'll have to settle for tight head tracking but detrimental moving-image quality (in VR its a moving image most of the time).
  11. Did it back before eye shift was implemented. Doubt there'd be a DCS based work around for doubling a single render.
  12. I did it a few pages back. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1759390&postcount=327 From testing I came up with a similar eye_shift amount, the variable looks to be eye offset from center in meters. The default value of -0.06 or 60mm and by extention an IPD of 120mm looks to be completely wrong. I'm looking at both sides of the gun sight in the P-51. It just needs to be halved. DCS users should adjust this variable according to their individual IPD, but I didn't see best results at my correct IPD offset, so YMMV until official support goes into the Beta. eye_shift=-0.032 is a good place to start. Enjoy your Rift :thumbsup:
  13. At 1080p the consumer rift will not be the last rift you buy- down the road 4k will get it done at the current FOV. But gauge reading will not be a show stopper for BVR combat. With low latency 6DOF and a virtual cockpit that is around 18"-24" from your head, you wont have to lean much to get a bigger picture. This can already be done with DK1+Hydra and higher res means even less lean-in is required. Now tallying small ground vehicles or bandits visually, that's going to be a handicap compared to screen users with the initial consumer rift. Fidelity of FLIR screens also will likely be compromised. VR is about the cool the aviation. Rolling downwind, base, to final and turning around in your seat to pickup the runway. Or looking straight up as you pull down off the top of a split-s. Keeping lead aircraft in your peripheral while you scan the instruments. And getting speed rushes watching your own shadow bounce off near mountain terrain passing alongside at 500knts. If that kind of stuff doesn't blow your skirt up stick with an HD screen, it will give a better picture in a numbers, best way to be a stone-cold-sim-killer, sense.
  14. My $0.02, DK1 is not useless for DCS. Its useless for combat but I have successfully flown multiple aerobatic demos as #3 on the Patriots Jet Team. The Rift allows me to look around the formation and have general 1:1 head tracking. Its the most immersive flight sim experience I've ever had, can't wait for a higher res screen :)
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