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  1. http://www.falcon40.co.uk/ imagine the possibilities :p
  2. they don't have to be the same than the original avionics system ... in falcon 4 u use the f16's systems and displays in every flyable aircraft ... i don't have a problem with that .. i just want a different feel :icon_jook
  3. well that wasn't the plan take the f18 or the tornado (single seat approach) for example: we could use the eos & lltv system from the su25T, the a-a sys from the f 15 & the nav display from the mig29/su27 etc. dimensions don't have to be 100% accurate .. comparing to pictures would be enough for me .. if ED would confirm such a mod-kit for a post 1.2 time one could talk people like aeyes (http://www.cockpits.nl) into sharing their cockpit textures (btw. as for dimensions: aeyes seems to have pretty accurate research material) ;) i don't want to beg ED to let us modify the .exe (like f4 bms etc.) i'm just considering a import export tool
  4. does anyone know the reqirements for modelling a cockpit in lock on? format, texturesize, polys etc. i guess if theres a slight chance that ED will release some modding tools after 1.2 someone should start to model some cockpits *g* :)
  5. i thought mfds, air-ground Radar and two seaters are a NO-NO in Lomac ... so how's the Longbow fitting in? how can even the old version of the KA 50 fit in .. and this one has been anounced .. afaik :confused: [edit!]oh i get it .. u mean as a non-flyable .. stupid me :icon_redf
  6. downloaded everything so : can i delete my paypal account now? is the money already booked off my credit card? i'm not very comfortable with paypal .. so i want to delete my data as soon as possible
  7. k ... got it finally ..had to download it twice .. as it seems the first file was corrupt, although it didn't report any crc error. so if anyone struggles again with it ... re-download it
  8. hm ... bump could anyone do me a favor and ask in the russian forums bout that?
  9. well .. make it three times .. this time just a carl suggested (with reboots & regedit)
  10. hi guys ... just downloaded 1.1 and terrain uninstalled Lo-mac with all the mods installed 1.0 clean tried to install 1.1 and at a certain (late in progress) time it stops and says "error code 3" did it twice (the whole procedure) any ideas?
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