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  1. Its a real shame we no longer have the online chat abilities we used to have in Hyperlobby. It was a great place to hang out, and we could always help each other out easily. It would mostly solve this Situation. We need to keep it positive, so they might learn what they need to, and then come back online. :) Regards, Rastus S!
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  3. I am several months away from a new build & considering which OS. I will probably go XP but watching with interest several threads about the new Windows 7. Even though it’s still in beta, sounds like it might be a better system than Vista. Whether it’s better than XP has yet to be seen, though I do understand Vista & Win 7 make better use of memory & multicore management which is a major plus. My choice of OS will be determined by results in BS (Vista / Win7 wins), FC, FSX & Arma 2. How does Vista / Win 7 affect FC? Cheers
  4. Thanks guys, seems the high end ASUS boards suffer more faults than the cheaper (basic) ones. All the features are maybe just gimmics which add to unreliability? Maybe some models are more reliable, but I am slowly getting put off by all the negative’s I am reading. Yeah that is because of the mother board, not the RAM itself. The “my board worked great for a year until….” Seems to be a common complaint with these particular boards. I want to build this computer around the processor and GPU, not around the MB’s peculiarities. BTW, yes I will be getting best RAM I can. I am not anti-asus yet, but finding a Gigabyte, intel or some other board seems to be my new focus. Some OC ability will be nice but I no intent of going extreme, just a bit of a boost (on air with decent CPU Fan). I am having a low income month at the moment so, plenty of time for research. Any suggestions appreciated. Rastus
  5. Awesome, Would be interested to know her impressions of BS.
  6. Congratulations ED & Team [OT] Have you tried Battlecruiser. Its getting a bit old now & doesnt have a 3D cockpit as such. But it does require a lot of micro management which is kind of fun, and its open ended, partialy scripted campaigns are endlessly playable. [end of OT] Would especially like to thank the BETA-Testers, who donated a whole lot of time into this project & helped get it right. Cheers
  7. It WAS an early version, which was a lot easier to fly, at the time I even had a Red Bull type course I could get through, not any more. The finished product is a whole new (and better) beast to manage. Geat video though :) Cheers
  8. "and of course be able to run DCS:BS quite decent." I currently building a new machine & discovering that for just a little more monitary output you can get a lot more without breaking the bank. Trying to save money on your initial build almost always costs a lot more. Especially when you get your new puter running & find yourself turning everything down to lowest settings, which was probably not the point of spending all that money. 1: E8500 is a great processor @ 3.16 Ghz & cheap at the moment. Read other posts & you will soon realize BS is CPU (Ghz) dependant. You can go cheaper & OC if you are confident with that sort of thing. I am not sure about AMD stuff, just get the fastest (Ghz) you can afford in Dual core. 2: min 2 GB 800 3: as far as I am aware the 9600 series are not really meant for gaming, they are a low budget card for low performance applications. Most people here seem to use the 8800 series quite happily and these are at a reasonable price as well. 4: your choice, some have mentioned a FPS improvement with vista using multiple cores. 5: Re-read post by okolovos I am not sure if your prices are from retail shop or internet, but shop around, especially Ebay. It is easier $$ (psychologically harder) to get the parts slowly as you can afford them, & you end up with a higher quality build that WILL run BS & other games "Quite Decent". Spend some time doing the research, It costs nothing & will save you wasting money. You also learn a lot about the all different components & how they go together which is great for getting value for money & a few extra FPS while you are at it. My friends of the 169th_Panthers have a few good articles here: http://169thpanthers.com.au/forum/viewforum.php?f=22&sid=eb718a122d1e5151c2d8150965322c6c Cheers, Rastus.
  9. Guess I will answer my own post for anyone else who is as confused as I was. I have to admit being worried about the Intel message “Processor will not operate (including 32-bit operation) without an Intel EM64T-enabled BIOS”. Turns out all MB/BIOS which support core 2 architecture are capable or running the EM64T CPU. I scored this chip for the same price as an E8500 as (Ebay) seller & buyers were scared off by the EM64T thing. So I took a chance & snapped it up. I do realize that for FC & BS, I would have been better off with the faster E series, but am happy with my purchase. It’s going to S#^t all over my current P4 2.4 AGP system (which has given me a decade of enjoyment & runs BS OK). So now it’s down to building the system around the chip. I have to admit liking all the features of the high end ASUS boards but worried about the shear number of faults being reported at forums, my post was buried behind around 150 others within 24 hrs at the ASUSTek forums. That’s a worry. I wonder if all those fancy OC features make the boards less stable. Anyone with experience, feel free to coment. Anyway I hope this post helps others as I found the (EM64T) info to be very hard to find on the net. And you may even score a cheap CPU out of it :) Cheers Rastus
  10. Hi, I am in the process of slowly getting the bits together for my new dedicated game machine and have just come across a cheap Q9650 (EM64T). According to Intel: “Processor will not operate (including 32-bit operation) without an Intel EM64T-enabled BIOS.” So I want to get the right board. I understand the EM64T is for 64 bit OS operation, but I am unsure if I really want to go there yet, though I do want the system to be capable of it. Can you run a 32 Bit OS with this CPU? Upgradability is a major factor in this build and now I need to find a good MB which supports this EM64T thing. I was looking at a high end ASUS MB (780i or 790i to go with a GTX280) but they don’t mention this EM64T specifically. They do mention 64 bit compatibility but I am unsure if it is the same thing. I will go with another brand if necessary & even go intel chipset, but I do want a quality high end board with good OC features. Any help appreciated Rastus
  11. Here's a copy of my list, Only takes a few times to get familiar with the switches though I would probbably change the order a bit nowdays. RP = Right Panel, RRP = Rear Right, FLP = Front Left, etc. RP Batteries 1 & 2 > on, AC External, DC External, Forward Fuel Pumps, Rear Fuel Pumps, Fuel Gauge, APU Fuel Shutoff – on Collision Beacon, Fire extinguishing system, Standby Attitude Indicator, Intercom, VHF 1 & 2, Radio Datalink & UHF & SA-TLF, RRP INU Power, Hydraulics Power (Down) FLP Engine Selector –Switch to left for APU selection, Start APU, LP Check APU Start FP Abbris, RP Left / Right Engine Fuel Shutoff Valve, Left / Right Engine Governor FLP Engine Selector (Bottom left for Left Eng), Rotor Brake > disable, Left Engine > Start, When RPM ~ 18% > Left Engine cutoff valve > on When RPM ~ 70% > Engine selector > Select Other Engine & Repeat, APU > Shutdown Increase Automatic Engine power by 2 > PAGE UP x 2 RP AC Left / Right Generators > on, AC & DC External Power > Off, Shkval Scan rate > 1, Autopilots > on, Auto Alt Hold > Radar, Nav master mode > Route, INS Waypoint mode, INS Waypoint 1 Ejection Seat > All on, Weapons control systems > on, APU Fuel Valve > Off, IFF & Navigation Systems > on RRP Countermeasures (ctr covered), Laser Warning FP Standby Attitude Indicator > Uncage ADI Zero pitch Trim > Adjust, Radar ALT Warning > set, , Master Arm > Off LP Shkval Targeting System > on, Laser Standby Mode > on R-Ctrl C = Cockpit Door I found this handy as it fits onto an A4 page, or on a second monitor. Cheers Rastus
  12. I have always had this problem & it never realy bothered me, but reading this gave me an idea, (I was using Pinky switch & Trigger for "Release Weapon"). Try programing (in SST) "Space" in trigger & "RAlt" in Second Trigger. Works for me. Hope it helps Rastus
  13. Track IR http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/ Or if your on a tight budget make a home made version (easy). http://www.free-track.net/english/ I know these have both been mentioned before. But it's what most of us use, and all agree, once you get used to tracking, you just can't fly without it. It really is that good. Check out the video's on either site. Cheers Rastus
  14. I have been using a G15 for a while now & like it. Never had an issue. Pro's: Looks cool when all lights are out with backlit keys. Looks cool..... I find CPU/Ram indicator to be usefull in some applications There are some LCD programs for various games, not one for Lockon as far as I know. Maybe a teamspeak application out there somewhere. I have used the extra (G) keys in the past & they are usefull. Cons: Has a larger footprint on desk (if you are limited for space) USB (wont work untill windows loads drivers) so you cant enter bios settup. USB ports (on keyboard) are USB1 (non powered) so, useless. I like mine & it always gets commented on by visitors, "Cool keyboard". Cheers Rastus
  15. Wow! Those 4 aerobatic jets are damn close together. Great pics, must have a nice lens Cheers
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