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  1. Gret! Many thanks for all your feedbacks I flown a lot of hours on Falcon 3 then Falcon 4. The F16 is my "heart plane" I worried to be disappointed with this DCS version as the just released one was lacked of functionnalities. Your good reviews have convinced me to buy it
  2. The F16 module is at discounted price now. But I read some months ago this module was missed of lot of features. So what about now ? Is it worth to buy it now ? if so, what is provided with the module : training missions ? campaign ? it is not very clear in the module description. Thanks for your feedback
  3. I wonder why ED thinks differently ... hum Another thing: is BS2 upgrade different than BS2 module ? I can(t imagine developers maintain these two "modules", especially the "old" BS2 upgrade. It's not really on the ED product roadmap. I guess BS2 upgrade is equal to BS2 module except the BS2 upgrade installer checks first if BS1 is installed and activated. Could you confirm that ? And is it possible to get the underlying reason of their disagreement to give a BS2 module key ? Thanks
  4. Don't you think it could be more simple to give BS2 module activation key for those who bought the fisrt BS1+BS2 upgrade ? It's very boring (stupid ?) to install BS1 for activation only and then BS2 upgrade. I don't understand why we couldn't get the BS2 module activation key if BS2 module = BS1+BS2 upgrade.
  5. Great ! It works now. thanks. But I've just tried A10c training missions : no instructor sound Don't remember if that works before in A10C I think yes.
  6. I meet the same issue : CTD when trying to view training mission videso (KA50 and SU25T). I can view them with windows media player. But it's just a workaround That must be fixed. And I could view them in game BS2 So I don't understand why they could not be viewed in DCS world.
  7. Yes for the first part of your question. But mine is : what's you call the "hot fix" ? Because all the SU25T/KA50 training videos crash to desktop when I want to watch them. All BS2 training videos were working fine on my previous install of BS2
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