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  1. "One wire... but not exploded at the back of the boat..."
  2. Thanks. Better fly over Sardinia next time, not over Caucasus
  3. It is due to the screen capture program. In game it is at the right position Thanks, noticed the same, thanks for clearing this up. Looking really good. Anyone figured out what caused the master caution at around 7m30s in the video?
  4. --> so release is May 26th, like Top Gun Maverick?
  5. I keep it out exactly for the spool-up time reason in case of a go-around.
  6. I thought, this was fixed in long time ago. "Fixed COMP -> COMB typo on hydraulics gauge." Noticed this in stable (DCS/ and open beta (DCS/ Hydraulic pressure gauge shows "COMP" instead of "COMB" for combined. F-14B F-14A
  7. I guess this one is the fix for the problem:
  8. Don't know, if this has been posted before, but here is a video series about Falklands Conflict by IWM: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLolzHiCNNbO-GV5ktRsUqnqhXM0e07YBh Regards Jens
  9. Correct, short to full and than turn down to prevent burning the bulbs out. In daytime it's hard to see. Better try in before sunset conditions. It takes some time for the paint on the gauges and needles to glow.
  10. Many thanks for the update. All the chapters marked in green is a great sign Looking forward, keep up the good work. Regarding the Italian AF liveries, clear position there, can live with it. Won't be able to see the tail logo from within the cockpit
  11. I switched to the F-18 and tried to follow the trainer
  12. Something like this red label used in the Viggen: Regards Jens
  13. something like this? Took the picture through the side door of an MD500 parked at the local agricultural facility last week. Measuring in pounds is not the way to go in Germany, so liter and kilogram labels have been attached to the fuel gauge.
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