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  1. Thanks, figured out what i did wrong. Had a direct shot but had selected a intermediary waypoint tab along with the bearing setup data without having a waypoint selected. Guess it was using direct north as the point. My bad!
  2. Okay, typo...AGM-84D! I was using the sea radar to identify the target and get a bearing so i could set up the harpoon. What was troubling me was why I was getting "off-set" on the stores page vs what I used to get "in zone". once the harpoon was set up. Can anyone explain why the off-set cue?
  3. Have the most current update to the beta program. Just got back to playing with the AGM-64D Harpoon and the sea mode radar. On the stores pages once the Harpoons are RDY and the radar is set to SEA Mode, I get "OFF SET" instead of the normal "IN ZONE" on the upper right of the stores page. Then, it won't let me select a different mode for the Harpoon. I went back to look at Matt's videos and also the Grim Reapers videos on Harpoon to see what I may be doing wrong, but neither has updated to using the SEA mode radar with the missile. Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong? I lock a target on the radar, set the search and bearing but the missile seem to "go off-set???? when launched.
  4. Thanks Fj_flyguy! I'll check it out.
  5. Version 6.7: On engine start, after all engines are up and running I turn off bleed air, turn off APU at top of panel and then Stop AUP lower on the panel and my HUD goes blank as does several of the pilot/co-pilot screens. It's like they are not getting electrical power other than APU power. Anyone seeing this? Did the engine start sequence change or am I missing something? Am I now supposed to leave the APU running during flight?
  6. Thanks Rudel_CHW and Coppprhead. I did rechecked and re-installed C++ and it now does work fine! On the download, my readme, pdf files could not be read. Revisited the installation instructions, don't remember seeing it required C++??
  7. v2.00 beta-1 problem from previous page. Had the A-4E-C/bin folder for a A-4E-C.dll so that wasn't it. Purged DCS of A-4E-C input and aircraft folders. Re-downloaded the v2.00 beta-1 file and installed. Everything looks good until I go into the mission - still no flyable aircraft - just map view. Re-purged the mod, reloaded the v1.4.2 version and it runs fine on the same mission I tried v2.00! Go figure, not sure what the problem is. All my installs matched with what the Grim Reapers posted in their video..
  8. Already have C++ installed.
  9. Got a problem. Downloaded the new v2.0 beta-1 version, deleted my past version and the past input file and installed the new version. It shows up on the top page. I can load it in the mission editor after I set up my controls. However when I go into the mission it just gives me a screen of the map. It is like it can't find the aircraft. I've tried this twice with the same results. I've set up a completely new mission with the same results. I got out of DCS, deleted the aircraft file and input and reinstalled...same result. What am I missing?
  10. DOH!!! Figured out my error. In the mission trigger section I had Trigger in the first box then had At Start of Mission below. It should have been just opposite. Just wasn't paying attention. Love this simulation!
  11. What am I doing wrong? V5.0 seemed to function fine. I am using v6.1. I have loaded the v6,1 Hercules_Cargo.lua into the mission before adding the aircraft to the mission. Pods/skids load fine however when I drop or LAPES the items/vehicles disappear shortly after hitting the ground. Same with paratroopers. Unlike the Grim Reapers videos. I thought it might be because the mission needed to be set up as Client rather then Player. I tried both. No Joy!
  12. What are the changes in version 6.1? Please
  13. Bomb in zone will work somewhat. I used a cargo of three crates (pods). I graded how many "pods" were dropped in the zone. However the program grades you on when (where) you drop the cargo. It doesn't look at where/when the cargo hits the ground like I hoped. Therefore altitude, wind, drift, etc. is not taken into account. I was hopping for more. But you could really narrow down the drop zone and get some results. I will see if there are other specific cargo types that might work.
  14. I'm trying to work up a simple cargo drop mission for the Hercules mod where you are set a specific drop zone (trigger zone) and are graded/advised if your drop is on target. However it appears that the cargo isn't figured as individual items (groups, etc.) even though they turn into (by script) the vehicles you loaded once they hit the ground. Any suggestions? Anyone create such a mission?
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