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  1. MiniZap - Missile Launch Zone Calculator test setup with AIM-120B AMRAAM Intercept controls: Target Aspect: 180 deg Launch Altitide: 10 000 m Target Altitide: 10 000 m Target Speed: 900 km/h Test 1: Launch speed: 1200 km/h Result distance to target: 58.5 km Test 2: Launch speed: 400 km/h Result distance to target: 46.8 km Conclusion: 11.7 km difference !!! As you know MiniZap is not 100% waterproof but it is very close with reality, much closer than FC2 anyway! Anyway it is nice to know that the issue is addressed. PS. To be honest I have not yet tested this issue because I always try to take advantage of launch speed of my plane as much as possible: it is about using the right tactic, implemented or not in FC2… :D
  2. @Scooternutz, I see that you were not familiar with the old school Frugals community. Oh man, Aragorn was/is a flightsimmer with the most vulgarity postings ever found on the net: trust me on that :D. But anyway he is/was a hardcore flightsimmer. Of course he was the famous man too who was nailing once his wingman with an air-to-ground-missile at 30000 ft. :D The old days of online playing with falcon… great times. :thumbup: It seems that frugalsworld is down? I don't know if these falconboys still were live? PS. of course he was banned about 100 times but at the end of the day most of the community loved him. :lol:
  3. Sorry mate for complaining but my Lockon Flaming Cliffs2 DVD box says "16" PEGI Rating… check www.pegi.info Not trying to be unpleasant, but face it: FC2 is a war simulation… But anyway it is indeed gross to disgrace the oldest job of humankind like that At least 50 euro you have to pay… :D
  4. I don't know what connection speed I have to set as a Host: ADSL 256/128 LAN 1 LAN 10 Which option fits best for my VDSL2 connection? I guess my connection must be good enough for max 10 players?
  5. The Installation and Activation guide for LOCKON: Flaming Cliffs2 says: "…you must have installed either LOCKON: Modern Air Combat or LOCKON: Flaming Cliffs." Of course for Flaming Cliffs "1" you need to have also LOCKON: Modern Air Combat… as a result you need "LOCKON: Modern Air Combat" anyway :D
  6. For the Russian fighters load it would be nice to load always 2 ET's and/or 2 R-73's as preset up. If I get my preset up with a load of 6 x R-77's on the Mig-29s then the 1st thing I do is quitting that server. An easy solution for mission builders on servers could be for example: nr 60 Mig-29s: 6 x R-77's nr 61 Mig-29s: 4 x R-77's, 2 x R-73 nr 62 Mig-29s: 2 x R-77's, 2x ET, 2 x R-73 nr 63 Mig-29s … etc.
  7. I am so stupid :D; I was selecting "Mig-29S" and doing a config for "Mig-29" thus that was my problem ... Now everything works!
  8. ok thanks, I figured out how to activate your profile on my cougar with foxy! The trick is compile/download the setup file within Foxy or whatever option and this enables simulation button mode for the hotas. Now I just need to find a Mig-29s friendly TM cougar profile. Looks like FC2 ignores everything you do in FC2 options controls assignments.:mad:
  9. Example: I figured out slider 1 for the thrust, so this I have assigned correctly! For my target AA designator in the sensor section I was selecting: left: <ctrl> together with "JOY BTN POV1 L" right: <ctrl> together with "JOY BTN POV1 R" down: <ctrl> together with "JOY BTN POV1 D" up: <ctrl> together with "JOY BTN POV1 U" but it was not yet working…??? "JOY BTN POV1 …" single was already used for camera view…
  10. I found the complicated Foxy program where you can indeed write complicated macros with. But I did not find the FC2 names like JOY BTN5 JOY BTN4 JOY BTN1 JOY BTN3 JOY BTN POV DL JOY BTN POV DR JOY BTN POV D JOY BTN POV L JOY BTN POV R … I guess I start to figure out which button is what on my hardware manually: -> assign 1 button on 1 FC2 function = to find 1 button combination I have to try 100 possibilities from FC2 options list and launch the game about 100 times to find out which one is it…:D Repeat this proces for the 30 missing functions...
  11. I only have the HOTAS Cougar Control Panel , version 3.01 Firmware version 3.06 and I am running Vista 64 bit; I just need a schema with some explanation on the Lockon FC2 names. something like what is the corresponding name for the red cannon button on my cougar in FC2 options menu? :thumbup: It shows me a long list of 100+ cougar button names...
  12. ok thanks, Now I just have to know: What is Foxy? Where can I find it? :D
  13. So I made my comeback to flight simming and I picked up a DVD copy of FC2 and now I have to assign stuff to my Thrustmaster Cougar. My 1st problem is that I have to known the buttons names on my hotas. There is no easy assign tool that shows me the names of the buttons that are pushed in? Thus I need a list/schema that explains the names for the corresponding stuff on my cougar. It is been a while… 1 or 2 years? :D PS. I can figure out the stuff that is already assigned like JOY X … etc…
  14. I am happy to hear that amd is keeping up and will bring again top performance on the market but until a real Intel killer machine will enter the arena I will keep my I7 toy running on stock cooling btw. Anyway I have a AMD ATI 4850 video adapter. My old AMD FX-55 still is alive and kicking also :D. anyway my latest pc specs:
  15. DCS: Black Shark Retail Release http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=652016#post652016 Even this announcement is not correct because it is available at http://www.simw.com/ in Brussels today on 29 Mars 2009. thanks anyway. [url=http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=652016#post652016][/url]
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