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  1. Thanks! Sithspawn's post provides me with the info I need to know: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3052619&postcount=25
  2. I am not up on the past history of 3rd party map making referenced above. I get lost in a hole whenever searching for anything specific in the forums. Not interested in the debate. But if such an entity exists, I would be willing to contribute my talents to the project. Just saying.
  3. In looking through Lulu, I found what they claim to be the original declassified pilots manual, LOL! http://www.lulu.com/shop/united-states-air-force/a-10-thunderbolt-ii-pilots-flight-manual/paperback/product-2496428.html NOT FOR DCS!!!!
  4. Perhaps Eagle Dynamics is making the move to provide their own printed manuals? I seem to recall ED encouraging us to print our own through sites like Lulu. (or the original post-er to Lulu had to get ED permissions in writing, I forget)
  5. I have the same from Lulu. I just checked my lulu account, it lists I bought the book, but when I click on the link to book, it says it can't find it. I seem to recall that the original member here who had posted the PDF to Lulu had some issues uploaded, then they (at Lulu) helped him work it out. Perhaps the member deleted his account? Or it expires after awhile? I bought it back in November 2012...for $33 USD. Here is the original thread that most of us bought from.....links no longer work, but perhaps contact the original poster? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1587752
  6. Hey, look at that...IT WORKED!!!! Thanks Bliss. You Da Man. (as you can tell, I do not frequent here very often, I still have my TF signature, LOL!)
  7. I am in the same boat. I am a A-10C Beta purchaser and should be able to get Nevada terrain. Installed the OpenAlpha, I activated the A-10C, then when I go to "Instant Action" to check out the new map, I get the "Nevada Activation" screen asking for activation code. I entered the A-10C activation code, but does not work. I also checked the DCS website under My Profile, where all my licenses are listed, but nothing there. What am I missing? Can't seem to find the answer in the forums, though there are tons of OpenAlpha questions....just have not found the answer to this one...expect I see the OP has same issue. Thanks.
  8. Yes, it does work. Unfortunately, I have had it installed for so long that I forget how to do it. Search FreeTrack and you should find more info. There is a (or some) file that needs to be added to get it working. I think there are several versions of the additional file out there. I'd search for latest posts about it.
  9. Very nice! Love it! (the "crooked cross" is wrong direction, but perhaps that is on purpose for our friends in Germany so as to not break the law)
  10. Looks like an interesting project. I have only worked on A-10C skins.....is there a layered template file for the P-51? [edit] Never mind, I found the template on DCS main site.
  11. I have stopped reading all posts and only follow Sith ' s responses. Much respect to your patience!
  12. I view it as DCS making GOOD on a bad original situation that they were not a part of. Thank You.
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