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  1. Usually when they have a New part coming out for a game, Patches get placed onto the back burner...Now that they have this new BlackShark thing coiming out i wouldnt be supprised if the patch has been placed on the back burner... Most assetes have to be placed into the new version of the game....Least this is how it has been in most games i have played that had Add-Ons coming.... Me personally i would rather the patch came out instead of this new thing as i fly this game to fly Jets not Helicopeters....
  2. thank you very much....that link worked out just great..... I think it was a dead link due to them leaving.... So if anyone is looking at this in the sticky you need to change the link if you have the old one....
  3. Ok now that i have gotten my FC ive been wanting to go online and fly with some people, but everytime i have clicked on a link in someones sig for the Hyperlobby it says the link is no good.... Is this where i have to go to fly online or what do i need to do? I tried to just go through the game but i think it was just for creating my own online server.... So what am i missing here?
  4. well i did find that if you play the replays and go to training, there are some track files that have voice over.....not alot but some, mainly most are on the a10
  5. ok supposidly there is suppose to be Voice over training. But i just did the training for the new suT and there was no voice....i had to sit and pause it over and over again just so that i could read what it was saying.... am i missing something or did they leave the voice over out?
  6. yeh i have called them like 3 times hoping to talk to someone human and all i get is a recording each time..... good customer service i have to say.....
  7. well dang im in Las vegas so i should have gotten mine already....How did you know yours shipped wed. hmmmm
  8. they told me the same thing, too throw it away... as for how long well they say it will ship in 48 hours and arrive 2 to 3 days later.... if i did it friday then tues it should have gone out at the latest and i should have gotten it today.... who knows
  9. Man i ordered my Replacement last friday and as of friday night a week later i still have not got mine..... has anyone else had to wait awaile to get there FC replacment disk...I so want to check out the new one....
  10. isnt it true that too much ram can actully be harmful...or slower i mean...and man is FC that much worse then lomac cause i have a lower end systim then you and i have no problems.... 2.8 ghz amd 1 gig ram ati radeon 9600 256 ddr
  11. very nice, i like it better then the one i have now.... keep up the good work
  12. oh man ive never flown in RL before but i even feel his pain.... Man i have a new Signiture saying for under my name. PooHead: "Tower request Immedite Landing" Tower: "Poohead what is the nature of your problem" PooHead: "Tower the RIVER RUNETH BROWN"
  13. ive been having the same problem with the A10....Ive cured it with the curve in the joystick profile in Lomac....the less curve you have the more input it has and more jerking off.... the more curve you have the less jerking off you will get....But you have to lean over it alot more to get it to go one way or the other.... i played with it for 3 hours the other night trying to get it to stop jerking....Ive still to get it to stop all the way..... Maybe when i go buy a new one it wont jerk around so much....
  14. yeh i cant wait to get my FC going...I know what you mean about not being able to see anything lol....Im having a hard enough time with the "D" mav sence the A10 doesnt have an A/G radar...and im use to flying the F-16 which does have one.... so i usally have to try and lock on within 6NM and that aint that easy when you are learning the game Im one of the unfortunet ones that Starforce is now saying its not there fault, so i have to wait for the replacement CD...hopefully by next friday...
  15. yeh i have had no problems with performance either....Only time i see any performance issue is when i am zoomed all way in on the hud and i try to look around, it slews slow.....other then that nothing.... where did you get that fix at tho, always nice to have frame rate....as i think my normal frame rate is about 25, and is that fix for FC...im still waiting on my new FC disk...Sigh
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