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  1. I was in the F-15 mission in the main menu. using just * / on the num pad, I can zoom without problems. however using shift+ either * or /, I can only do it once and then the view locks up in that zoom factor. So it is either zoomed all the way out or all the way in. The zoom will not change with any further zoom control keys pressed. I tried mapping the zoom to different keys and still get the same results. Has anyone else seen this? I'm patched up to the latest LOFC.
  2. I wasen't on a server. This was the A-10 mission and after I crashed, I was looking at other objects. When I rotated the view, this was what I found. I've not modded the install in anyway so does the configuration come with the terrain restriction parameter = false from a fresh install? which file is this in so that I can change it to true?
  3. the view still allows rotation under ground level:cool:
  4. I also see some bugs too.....this is the A10 mission from the main menu. When I landed, the pitch scales were going nuts. it would flash between where it should be and to the left of it. This is a rapid flash taht goes back and forth. I can only use screen shot to capture it.
  5. So they finally did change the replacement process? I got mine in the first batch and at that time, there was no proof of purchase required. it was just give address.....I'm glad to see that they finally figured it out .
  6. http://www.creativecms.com call the number at the website above and ask for the lady who sent you the instructions. She can tell you when it was sent.
  7. What? did they tell you taht? they really changed the process? when I got mine replace, it was no questions asked.
  8. Greb, did you call just the 1800 number? that 1800 number is just a recording to the shipping company. here~ http://www.creativecms.com/ I called the lady at the number shown on the website (she should be the one that answered your email) and confirmed delivery date. Try this if you have not done so. Mine came in a week. No problems at all!
  9. are you saving as 32 bit or 24 bit? when I tied 32bit, the inserted picutre was all black. Worked fine when I saved it in 24bit BMP. See if this is the problem.
  10. looking for view angle change? http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=8025
  11. For some planes, only one side view is offered in the skin (for example the F-5E). So if you put any text on there, it will show up as reversed when looking at the plane from the opposite side. Is there anyway to get around it? Would it be an easy thing for ED to fix?
  12. How is the RAF ranks incorrect? let us know so we can change it. another one....the purple heart should be awarded only when the pilot dies.... unless you always assume he's hurt after Criterion="600" :) btw, what exactly is the criterion for ? time? points?
  13. I knew there was something wrong with the straps.... the tga files are labled US-01-1Lt.tga and US-02-2Lt.tga. they really should be US-02-1Lt.tga and US-01-2Lt.tga. so the countries.xml file and the actual tga files needs to be renamed.
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