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  1. Just as a FYI: All charges incurred when purchasing download DCS products from the DCS Store are not refundable or can be exchanged in whole or in part, regardless of the payment method. I believe we as consumers purchase a license of use of the software. With absolutely no rights to sell, trade, rent, lease, sub-license, merge, adapt, vary, modify the Program, or any copies of the Program, without the express prior written consent of TFC. *** Lease: a contract by which one party conveys land, property, services, etc., to another for a specified time, usually in return for a periodic payment. *** Hope that helps ......
  2. After reading through this thread and doing some quick testing, I have a few questions. Reference statement: "OFFLINE mode is now implemented (In version 2.5.1 and higher)." After a year with my installed DCS PC being used offline, I decided to purchase the F/A-18C + Persian Gulf Map bundle. Prior to this decision, I was happily using 1.5.5 with no issues whatsoever. When I had some downtime from my very busy life, I could just turn on the PC and release some tension. I've been doing this for years as I no longer participate in online anything, because I just don't have the time. Unfortunately, this will change if I decide to continue using a product that I purchased years ago. Questions: 1. Can I return to Version 1.5.5 permanently and continue to use my system and software as I have been doing for years with the starforce authorization system - In essence, is there a roll-back possibility? This is the most important question that I have, as it will dictate my actions going forward. As stated in the ticket I submitted, this new protection system should be clearly defined with explicit details with every product that it applies to. As many, like myself, deserve to be informed about the details in advance of the purchase. Please do not take the questions and or my response negatively. I'm only shocked by the lack of details regarding this new protection system presented with each and every module up for sale. This new protection system should be defined and highlighted in red, along with being included with each modules description. And when I state "Shocked", consider that many do not visit forums regularly and only receive DCS newsletters to stay informed about new products. I had to do some additional research into certain things, so some of the questions previously asked have been answered. And since the package\bundle being sold now is a "WIP" module, the offline mode is only a band-aid in this instance, because the module is incomplete. Therefore, end-users will have to periodically bring their PC systems online to complete the software module. SMH! Regards Side-note: P!racy has become a fact of life. Anything that can be engineered, can be reversed-engineered. All these new protection mechanisms do is frustrate legitimate customers and make participation a chore. IMHO.
  3. Funny, I just visited today to see if the SU-33 template was finally released\available and then this thread ...... :doh: ...... Oh well!
  4. I just did a quick test and you can remove all icons using the method I stated in my previous post.
  5. Step #1: Edit icon.png files to be empty Step #2: Edit entry.lua (Empty name & version) Result
  6. I do a little solo maneuver training and my choice is the SU-27\33 and sometimes the F-15C. The F-15 is a little less forgiving than the SU's and is more of a challenge. Ideally, I would prefer a FA18 (Can't wait for its release) or F16
  7. That action only goes so far towards removing unused\unwanted icons. But thanks for the suggestion.
  8. I would have to agree with the above statement. Other than a being a constant reminder of items you're not interested in and will not purchase, it really serves no purpose. The same can be said for samplers (P51). Make them downloadable instead of injecting them in releases.
  9. :megalol::lol: I quoted the wrong post My apologies @GoodDriver
  10. I beg to differ with your assessment. A simulation represents its entities characteristics as closely as is possible without consideration of adjacent entities capabilities. In essence, no consideration should be given to how evenly matched one entity is to another. If any element of the SU-27's characteristics and or its weaponry were deliberately diminished to make it equal with a lesser aircraft, then it wouldn't even be a reasonable representation of the SU-27, would it? Same can be said for any aircraft in the simulation. How can it be stated for example, that the Aim-120 is modeled as closely as humanly possible to the real thing, but since it outperforms an opposing sides similarly purposed missile, that its performance should be suppressed. That in and of itself along with a continued developmental approach in this manner would totally undermine what is being termed, a simulation. This is a game developers goal and objective -- To equal out the playing field. It should never be (IMHO) the goal of simulation developers. And in all honesty, I do not believe that is what ED is doing with their simulations.
  11. Firstly: Thanks to the OP for his efforts and demonstrations :thumbup: I've read through eleven pages of this topics discussion, because I believe the OP has a point. But what I seem to have missed is a simple acknowledgement that a problem exists. Its somewhat difficult to deny the existence of an issue, (however major or minor) based on the tracks\acmi recordings. So, I'm curious .... Has this discovery been acknowledged as a problem\Bug by the Devs and will it be addressed in the near future? Regards I ran a few automated missions with a single excellent F-15C (Guns only) versus two excellent SU-27's maxed with R-27ER missiles and here's a screenshot and the result. Similar results were achieved running the mission three times. F-15C guns only vs 2xSU-27 with missles.trk
  12. Can sound files be replaced using the default DCS folders file structure?? For example: C:\Users\computer_name\Saved Games\DCS\Config\view\Labels.lua (This would be used to alter the users Labels file, leaving the default DCS folder\file structure intact and unaltered.) I'm looking to create\copy the following and then modify certain sounds D:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Sounds\ "etc" I really need to change the low altitude warning sound (Altitude!) and several other warning sounds that become extremely annoying over time. Thanks in advance.
  13. I can also confirm that tracks are deviating from actually occurred events. I had a pretty nice dogfight (F-15C vs SU-27) in which I finally got on his six, nailed him, he crashed and ended. Saved the track .... Watched the replay and :doh: The Su-27 didn't get nailed when he was supposed to and continued to fly until the track stopped suddenly. lol!!! Not exactly what happened. This is with current 1.2.8 release (Not Beta)
  14. Thought some guys might like this ..... :thumbup: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/10508091/Amazing-360-degree-look-inside-Britains-newest-Typhoon-fighter.html
  15. Thank you! It would be interesting to know (as a FYI) the modeled conditions that lead to certain behaviors in-game and how closely it mirrors real F-15C mechanics. Though as already stated, this is still an early release of the functionality, and there will certainly be modifications in the near future. Hopefully, the question of engine shut-downs during certain executions will be addressed soon. Because it is really difficult to restart the engines in-flight when they do fail. (I haven't been able to duplicate the one time I did recover status -- All other times, I've managed to slide into a rough landing w\no gear):doh:
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