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  1. As far as I've seen they've really pulled their finger out of late and are making strides towards completing the Harrier good & proper. Whilst they deserved criticism before I don't think there's much need for concern as it is now. There's been consistently chunky updates released fixing long standing issues, sure there's plenty to do still, however now that progress is being made at a much more reasonable pace it doesn't feel like a pipe dream anymore. I appreciate the change of tact by Razbam and I think that providing they keep the attitude towards getting first things first until they're done there's no need for any concern.
  2. excellent news creason nicely done, thanks for all you do for the ffb community.
  3. There's a chap somewhere on these forums though whos working on a 3rd party application for DCS to support the brunner ffb base, has some functionality for spring forces and a working GUI so far from what I can gather, he intends to add more functionality. Brunner themselves should be releasing something this year for official DCS support but word is that's just going to be basic spring & trim forces, though if enough DCS fans with deep pockets buy the stick and encourage its development who knows? I'm willing to accept gifts if only to get those sales numbers up :P:joystick:
  4. Be advised I was finding that my keybinds were being a bit funky and that had an effect on my trim. The keys being passed through by the saitek software were sticking on/disabling themselves, leaving me with some trim buttons held on and others not functioning. Rebound to new keys and no problem.
  5. It goes bang. The volume increases depending on the severity of the caution. They also work like the RWR in that the sound generally tends to come from what it causing the master caution. There may or may not be warning 'lights', either case could be cause for concern.
  6. You can Trim the HUD to line up the pitch ladder however you so desire, there's a dial for it somewhere down by the VDI. Don't use the hud :P. Disable Roll SAS for a dogfight.
  7. Wouldn't say no to that.
  8. Check "Use with Multiplayer" and "Allow Options". This way you can just hold a radio button and say 'Options' you'll see everything available as normal, even with the Menus disabled There is no "Hide F10 Menu" and you don't normally use F10 when refuelling. You can "Disable Menus" and you should, otherwise they'll be flashing up every time you talk. You can also "import F10 commands" which will import special F10 menu commands for things like EWRS and JTAC reports, resetting tankers and so on, it can be janky and I wouldn't use it myself, I would use the 'options' command. As for the tanker just say "<Texaco/Arco/Shell>Approaching for refuel" and "ready pre-contact" when in position, done, "abort refuel" or "breakaway" if it all goes wrong. EDIT: There IS a general bug with the F10 menu, it sometimes won't show for clients unless the host immediately pauses the server on load and unpauses after everyone has joined.
  9. Lord when he laughs the clanging around the room is palpable.
  10. Noticed this today along with some very bizarre trim behaviour, like there was two systems at work for trimming but each with their own plan.
  11. Confirmed here when dropped by Jester. Went and tanked up to 20k lbs, also to discover his audio bug has returned with a never ending string of quips... :joystick: Time for the R2-D2 mod :P
  12. Utterly bizarre, Will it recognise input in the control binding section for the F-14 or is it not working there either? And you say the keypad does everything right, as in the keyboard keys work for control? Perhaps try backing up and deleting all the input files for the F-14 in the root folder and saved games, then doing a repair. Also ensure you're running the software as an administrator. Can't think of much else I'm afraid.
  13. I use the x52 software, every binding is a keystroke. Perhaps you have a button being pressed somewhere you're not aware of? If you're using saitek software try the new logitech version or vice versa. If you open notepad do the keystrokes get entered as you press them?
  14. I do recall them saying they would add this at some point... Here we go: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3846591&postcount=10
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