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  1. I really appreciate the help and even though I was able to get DCS to start in VR, now there's no mouse cursor in DCS I did have WMR for SteamVR installed but getting this to run is a joke. The only thing I did different today was use a shortcut directly to DCS.exe and it comes up in VR.
  2. Yes, that's on , thanks for the help though . . .
  3. Decided to try out the Hind today but the Reverb G2 is giving me more problems. WMR starts up when I plug in the power cord to the G2. SteamVR up and I get to the Steam VR home Start DCS and it comes up in full screen . . . Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Just stay away from the Reverb G2. To many problems with the software. WMR/Steam is garbage and the errors trying to power up the G2 are a joke. I need to unplug/plug in my headset at least 4 times every time I try to turn it on. Now I can't get DCS to play in the VR headset. Sound comes through but game is full screen on my monitor. Find anything else . . .
  5. I am happy for those who've had good luck with their G2. I'm going to have to agree with franx though. This has been a nightmare from the start. The Rift S worked when I plugged it in. I don't have the same MB/CPU as franx but still have lots of issues. Due to the power cord error, HP has replaced the headset twice even though I knew that wasn't the problem. I have to unplug the cord the headset at least four times to get WMR to say "Ready". Haven't played DCS in a couple months and now DCS won't play in the G2. It shows up on my main monitor. I love the graphics in DCS when it works but I spend more time trying to get it working than flying.
  6. I ended up moving it to another parking spot and now it'll move. Put it back and it still moves. I have no idea why but thanks for all the ideas!
  7. I've been playing with the MiG-21 to learn the systems and I on this one instance, have the jet started, loaded, and I push the throttle forward but it won't move. I can go full AB but nothing? Is thius a bug? I haven't had this happen before . . .
  8. I had asked about this in another thread but I'll put crash log here . . . dcs.log-20200422-034844.zip dcs.log-20200421-050938.zip
  9. I've had several crashes while landing on a public server and can't select any of the options to send the crash log. Are they needed for this problem? and if so do you want them posted here?
  10. I wasn't able to click on the window to send the crash log so I attached it here. If there is another place to send it please let me know. For some reason I can't open the zip file so hopefully it's not corrupt . . . dcs.log-20200418-170310.zip
  11. Setting the "Messages font scale" in system settings to 2 does nothing for my chat text size? I was using the mod but that stopped working when they added this option. Is there another way to change it?
  12. I couldn’t agree more, hopefully they change the export name to match the aircraft.
  13. OK, went into a mission and it didn't work again but I figured out what's going on. I've been using the switch in the cockpit but I also use a touch screen with Capt Zeen's profile. The touchscreen switch doesn't turn it on . . .
  14. Really confused, now it's working. I've used it several times in the open beta prior to today but I couldn't get it to work all day. To answer your question, I did have it "ON" and STBY", it just never appeared in the TAC page. I did forget to mention that I tried it in the stable version and it appeared in the TAC page but only in the "ON" position, not "STBY". I guess I won't complain, thanks for the quick reply . . .
  15. I can't seem to figure why the OSB 6 is in the TAC page is blank when I load the AN/AAQ-28?
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