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  1. multicrew is awesome in the Huey. Played the other night and laid waste with the mini gun while my buddy flew... Having MP in the Mi-8 would be great so you wouldn't have to constantly switch seats to change the active weapon. You have your team mate do it for you. 

  2. Would also like to pile on to what Pikey mentioned in the beginning. Moose has completely changed the way I look at DCS. I rarely use the mission editor any more other than to load the core units I need and to load Moose and the mission code. I watch the development of Moose on a daily basis and am so appreciative of what Franky and Apple have done to keep this alive and innovative. With the tools they provide, a Moose mission maker can create incredible missions in a relatively short amount of time. The biggest problem I have is keepng my missions simple because when Franky and Apple create a new class, I have to load it into my mission to try. Next thing I know I have 4000 lines of code and a mission that blows my mind. Thanks again to the Moose team and the community for all of your help with Moose, and the ideas you bring to make it better all the time. 

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  3. Trying to use slot blocker to block the slot when a plane is dead. i tried using the on Dead event. The problem is if you have multiple aircraft to choose from and you go into it. Then exit out of it to choose a different plane.  It thinks you're dead and blocks the slot of the plane you just left. Any way to prevent that?

  4. 12 hours ago, PeneCruz said:

    Ended up moving the Landing Coordinates a little forward 6 ft and it works very well now for landing just behind Spot 7.
    Quick video I did doing a run around the pattern with Airboss. Really looks great Admiral. Thanks again.




    Brilliant Work Pene I hope you share this with FunkyFranky to they can incorporate this in to the Moose Lua... Wow. 

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  5. 10 hours ago, PeneCruz said:

    It's works fine, as long as you fly your approach 8m down the port side of the centerline to the hoverstop, Stabilise, then you will be cleared to land. You then cross to the tramline and land. The grading can be pretty harsh.




    Now that is Awesome. Good Job PeneCruz. Have you shared this with the Moose team so they can incorporate it into the main module?

  6. 17 minutes ago, PeneCruz said:

    For anyone that wants to use the awesome USS America with Moose Airboss - I have an edited a personal version of the latest moose.lua that adds the carrier as an AIRBOSS capable carrier, It's based on the existing Tarawa (WIP) pattern settings contained in the script. It's becomes a standalone carrier throughout the script, so you can have both the USS Tarawa and the USS America in the same mission as two different airboss objects.
    PM me if you are interested.


    how does the lso work with the  tarawa


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