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  1. It works now but it is more "juddery" than SteamVR at the moment but at the same time more "fluid" if You understand what I'm trying to say?
  2. Yes, I have cleaned it with Saktezilla's utility and manually.
  3. Have cleared everything and followed all instructions to the letter but still get black screen.
  4. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me. Getting a black screen. Followed all the steps and initially I had a very overlapped image but then when I restarted again I only get a black image. Reverb G2 Rev2.
  5. A while back, coinciding with the arrival of my rev 2 cable my controllers started to act up and tracking (mainly the right controller) began to be sporadic and the controllers would connect and disconnect. My first thought was that lighting interfered with the headset cameras and went through a number of iterations with lamps of all kinds. Even started to suspect the light from my sim controllers giving out interference since I can't dim the light on a couple of them. Yesterday I tried a new approach. I installed a Bluetooth dongle of high quality that I had laying around from an old laptop, paired the G2 controllers with it and what do ya know, problems gone. Tracking is perfect and no connection/disconnection problem anymore. So I just thought I'd post this here in case that someone has this odd problem and what I found to be a solution. Regards // HJ
  6. MFG Crosswinds with damper mod as dburne says. Absolutely outstanding, bought mine 2016 and the damper mod this year.
  7. Yes, I agree on the threads. I confirmed it with my tools and I have reported it to the company. Thought I measured a M8x0.75 thread though and not an M7? Have to check again (the 0.75 fine thread is right as per my tools). Can't say why the company missed it but it is possible that wrong inserets have entered the line after preproduction trials. I'm not afiliated with them and are just an ordinary customer and I didn't notice this immediately since I use the box without them (space limitations ) However, this aside I'm still very pleased with the box and the switch itself is a very nice switch that should last a long time. But as You said it should have been spotted in the QC. Regards //
  8. Since I have the box I have to disagree in one regard. The wiggle is not caused by the threads but the design of the switch as stated by JackFlash. It wiggles with the ordinary caps on as well. HOWEVER, after reading Your post I examined the threads in the printed part by eye and I do believe You are correct in regards of the thread. The original cap has fine threads and the printed part inserts have a coarser thread so there seem to be a slight mismatch here. Will have to go out in the garage and get my interpreter and see if it's small enough to go into the caps to test properly. I will post this to the developer directly. Regards //
  9. Also have this problem and also just got a G2. No mods installed.
  10. Ah, I see. Started to count my buttons per controller and in total I'm way above 64 but if it is per controller then I get it Havn't had any problems assigning all inputs so far but I'm not above more than 64 inputs per controller.
  11. How does this limit affect the controllers? In regards to IL-2 it also has a limit in the number of USB peripherals that can be connected and used. 8 units can be used and I'm pretty sure that I'm way above 64 buttons on my 7 controllers connected.
  12. @jalfrezi Hi, Buttons 33-44 is the buttonrow above the potentiometers and also gear, hook and Jettison. Even though they don't show in windows game controller function I have mapped them in DCS and IL-2 with no problems. I'm convinced that there won't be any problems in other games aswell and that You'll be as satisfied as I am
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