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  1. 2004 called and wants it's super hornet model back
  2. There will be no FC4, Flaming Cliffs name belongs to Ubisoft IIRC.
  3. if you changed any UEFI Settings / Bios Settings, Windows will update from old Boot manager to new one, and then tell the System to do a full power cycle (yes, windows can do that). Depending on the settings changed, a full power off is required, as devices are detected on power up before post.
  4. The Utility is not written for Steam's System, Update, Repair, Clean, Install/Uninstall Functions will not work with Steam Distribution as that build does not use DCS_Updater.exe, and is not included, since the Steam UI Manages builds.
  5. I wont post spoilers, but I've already seen it. Memorial Day weekend is definitely the best time to release it, and that momentum will carry it into and through July 4th easily. this was prolly the first movie in almost a decade that didn't feel like it was rushed and half baked, it's a complete experience.
  6. Draw Calls and DirectX11 Pattern Flow are the cause.
  7. The part where maverick throws the freshly printed NATOPS manual in the trash was the best part. haha
  8. NOR will not be a consumer product. Context, did they mean Vulkan ( the GFX Engine) or Vulcan (the Aircraft). Vulkan the GFX Engine was not announced to be in the near term, which is usually the next few months. Before Vulkan is released, you'll likely see some nice videos for it.
  9. Vulkan, Multi-Thread, and Dynamic Campaign are the Big 3. The community will not rest until they are released.
  10. Just to clarify, ED isnt "Delaying the integration of Vulkan" there's a separate team that's assigned to do Vulkan, the teams working on projects (F/A-18C/F-16C/AH-64D etc etc) are different teams. As stated numerous times, writing a new engine from zero is a vast task, then comes the process of converting assets to the new engine. It's not a "Low Priority", while Vulkan and the Multi-Thread recoding of the core are not "Paid DLC", having those 2 items integrated will resolve many long standing issues with the simulation for everyone, thus pleasing the current customers as well as the future customers that were waiting to fully experience what DCS World has to offer because of the limits of the engine's performance, pretty confident if the FPS and Performance issues are resolved, more revenue will be generated from current users as well as new users. Transitioning to a new API is a huge task for most studios that use licensed engine, and it's an even bigger task for ED as they build their own engine. Moving from DX11 to Vulkan isnt just write a new engine, compile, test, release. There's Multiple phases (from experience w/ other studios it's usually about the same with some minor differences), -Planning Features/Support knowing what features they want implemented, support for other devices and api's, ie VR, Tobi, TrackIR, OpenXR, etc etc ie, ED May have Mentioned Vulkan Development has started in 2018, but actual coding phase likely wouldn't have started for weeks/months after that. -Upgrading Development Workflow to use the new API's Development tools ie upgrading the computers to include all software/plugins etc to use with developing for Vulkan. -Supporting Applications Integration For ED, it would be things like ModelViewer would need to be re-done to use the new renderer engine etc, as well as tools used to create effects/shaders etc. -Initial Core Compile Building the initial Engine, with just the ability to render, testing the engine with the Graphics Container formats etc etc -Adding Features/API Support Expanding the Engine to include other APIs (Oculus, OpenXR, SteamVR, TrackIR, etc etc etc) This is usually a pretty long phase, as adding features/API's may conflict with previous integrated items and previous integrations will have to be re-coded etc. -Converting Assets Assets usually need converting as most engines require specific container formats or properties set a specific way, mainly adjust the Exporters to export properly for the new engine, and convert all the assets (textures, models, shaders, effects etc to work within the new engine). -Internal Deployment Adding/Interfacing the new engine to the main core, Coding the Core of the Sim to recognize the new engine. -Internal Testing Often one of the longest phases, catching all the bugs, exceptions, oddities that comes with converting assets from one engine to another. -External Testing When Beta testers usually start testing on wider hardware profile ranges. -Initial Deployment When it's deployed to public builds. I've worked with other Game Developers when they moved from DX9 to DX12 or from DX9 to Vulkan, and we did internal testing for over 2 years before deploying to Beta Testers for another year before launching it to everyone, and that was utilizing a prebuilt licensed rendering engine. Just to Note a few things, -DCS / EDGE DX11 Engine was around 5 years from first mentioning that a new Renderer was needed to initial public release. -While the CV19 didn't stop development, it likely slowed some things down. not just on ED's end, but likely on Kronos' end as well if ED's team sent support req./tickets to Kronos during initial programming and such.).
  11. You would have to manually adjust the autoupdate.cfg file, since the version numbers are the same, DCS_Updater itself will not run. Change: [CODE]"branch": "openbeta",[/CODE] To [CODE] "branch": "release",[/CODE]
  12. But we got Lady Gaga Love theme this time around, haha
  13. Well, The Campaign Builder is also in the mission editor, as that's where it would be created and generated.
  14. As stated, I have contract and life obligations since the pandemic started.
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