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  1. New installation without antivirus. I got a new message: terrain initialization problem Then I get back to the main menu. Does someone have an idea to solve this. I updated the ticket, I will post here the solution (if there is one).
  2. I proceeded to a complete reinstallation. Now I don't have the 2 popups when starting DCS, but the Fatal Error popup still appear when launching the mission followed by the crash of the application. I opened a ticket, wait and see... Thanks BIGNEWY for your help.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with DCS. I just bought the NTTR map and dowloaded the DCS 2.0. It is a fresh install. When I start DCS, I get two successives popups: After closing the two Fatal Error popups I finally get the launching menu of DCS. I then select a quick mission (no matter the mission or the plane) and I get for the third time the same popup, from there DCS crashes and I have to kill it to end. I tried a repair but without success. Do you have any clue what can be the problem here ? For information, I also gat the 2 successives popups for the DCS but I can launch missions without problem. My configuration: Win 7 GTX 970 Intel I7 4870k 16GB DDR3 Logs.zip
  4. Very good news ! If you need a french accent I can help (but I'm sure that the previous voice actors are waiting for this annoucement).
  5. You should wait for a fix from ED. At the moment the campaign and probably other missions are broken (this might affect all modules, this is not Razbam or Baltic_Dragon fault). If we are lucky we will have a patch tomorrow.
  6. Same thing on my side. The last update changed a few things with the radio, this might have an effect on the communication of the Wingman. By the way, after I get contact with Hotel 5 I get an answer then he stops responding. The mission seems then to be on hold.
  7. So far (Mission 7) the campaign is very good. It is more and more interesting. There only one thing that slightly disturb me is the volume of voices volume that changes. But that's not a real problem, considering the huge work of voice acting I'm impressed. The campaing is a very good asset to this module.
  8. OK then, I didn't think about that.
  9. In Mission 7 when CAS is requested the coordinates are given by the guys under attack, the data are converted and given back in Lat/Long decimal. It looks like the converted coordinates are not at the correct location. Maybe it's intended to. I guess such mistake is possible when you are under heavy fire.
  10. I spent so much time to understand that myself ! Thanks for the explanation, it can be very usefull for a beginner.
  11. Ok I see the problem, I didn't check my coordinates prior alignment. I will give it a try tonight. Thanks a lot, and sorry to ask help for such stupid thing.
  12. Here is a dropbox link to the track file (I can't upload in the forum). Let me know if you find something strange (except that I forgot to remove the ground power in the hurry :doh:).
  13. Thanks a lot, I will do the mission again and post the track.
  14. I got nothing at WP2, no F10 menu. Maybe I'm following the wrong trajectory, I went to WP1 then turned to WP2, depending on how long I take too start up Colt is at WP2 or somewhere else on is circle. Is there a solution to change/understand the trigger myself in the mission editor.
  15. You should get to WP 2 (IIRC) where Colt is anchored and then try to get close to him, you will get an F10 menu option to proceed. Unless last update messed something with trigger zones (1.55 did). Let me know if it works, I know it is frustrating. I will also check it when I get back home. I flew to WP1 then turn and climb to WP2 at 16000 feet. There I reached Colt and stay with them for an entire circle, I was quite close but nothing triggered. I asked the ATC the permission to startup/rolling/take-off before switching to CH3 just after airbone, is it a problem ? Thanks to both of you to take time to help us :thumbup:.
  16. Do you remember how to trigger the actions in mission 2 ? I tried numerous time without success. Can you tell me which channel shall be used to contact Colt ?
  17. I reached WP1 then go to WP2 at 16000 feet. I even crossed the trajectory of Colt, but sadly no F10 menu. Maybe my altitude at WP1 is not correct. I think you have to contact te tower yourself, before finanl landind. They will tell you where to park and the mission is done. Did you follow the pattern in the briefing ?
  18. I may have a problem in mission 2, I can't trigger anything after take off. I have a brief talk to Colt who ask me to join up at WP2 and that's it (by the way, I have this chat when I'm still on CH1 which is not supposed to be Colt1). I set my main radio (Green) to CH3 and wait for a contact but I get nothing. After take off I fly to WP1 then WP2 and nothing happen, I tried to go through WP3 to 6 and no action was triggered. I'm pretty sure there is something I'm doing wrong, is there someone who had the same problem here ?
  19. When it will be no longer in beta. I think there is no date. By the way the campaign will also be available.
  20. It is most probably the reason why it doesn't work. Another reason might be the kind of JTAC used to lase the target, I don't have DCS to check the name, I tried a HUMMVEE and an Infantery and both failed to guide my bomb. More suspicious, I can't prevent them from attacking the target eventhough I defined the rule of engagement to not engage. Once again, if it works for someone else it means I'm doing something wrong with the mission editor (I'm not very good with the mission editor :cry:). By the way, I use the caucasus map, not the NTTR, that might be a reason since the state of update is different according the version of DCS used.
  21. Recently I can't get the GBU-12 to hit the target, it simply ignores the laser. I think something is broken with the JTAC, maybe we do something wrong with the mission editor.
  22. Can you explain how to use your LUA files ? Thx for sharing by the way. EDIT: Just copy the files into "Your_DCS_Install_Folder\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Input\M-2000C\joystick" and voilà !
  23. The code 1688 is the recomended one in Chuck's guide and it is the one used in some tutorial videos if I'm remembering well.
  24. Thank you for sharing, I used the first profile for quite a long time, as a beginner with the warthog HOTAS it helped me a lot . I changed to the new profile after the last update, so far so good. Just a question by the way, do I have to save something to prevent the lost of the command config for the next updates ?
  25. I'm just beginning with ground attack with the M2000C and like Doum76 I can't get the GBU 12 on the bad guy with the 1.5.4. The JTAC is actually lasing but it looks like the GBU 12 doesn't get any signal. Is there another way to get it work for now ? Lasing script ?
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