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  1. If you want to host/manage a repository, you need a web (HTTP) server, where you can put files for download. In other words, you need a website where you can provide files to download. There many ways to have a website, from personal hosting provided by your internet provider (if it provide such service), to paid VPS dedicated servers, some solutions are suitable, other, not. Anyway, "How to have and manage a web site" is a question on itself, which is not the topic of this thread and one can not provide you a short answer for that.
  2. Please explain what you want to do exactly. If you want to provide/host a repository, you need a web (HTTP) server, or at least, a website you manage where you can provide public access for package download and so on.
  3. First, if you properly name your packages, the version of these packages will be properly parsed. So, to begin, you should name your packages as follow, the 'v' make all the difference: 40th Livery Pack - phoenix _ v1.9.0512.zip 40th Livery Pack - phoenix _ v2.0.0529.zip If package version is properly parsed, OMM compares packages versions between library and those available in repositories, if package with a newer version is available in the repository, it is signaled by a small orange star icon, so the user know this is a new version of a package. From there, user can either: Download the package: The new package is downloaded, the old package is not deleted. Upgrade the package: The new package is downloaded, the old package is (default) renamed with .old extension (it become invisible in software) or moved to trash. If user double-click on the repository package (instead of explicitely choose download or upgrade from menu or button), the software prompts a message box to ask user if it want to keep the old version. and HERE is a small bug, the displayed message is wrong, and user should read "do you want to remove the old package" instead of "do you want to keep the old package" (my bad, I just catch it while testing it myself). Anyway, this is not dramatic si the file is not definitely deleted. (EDIT: you can download the latest 1.0.1 version which fix this bug) I hope this is now clearer. Before considering metapackages, you can tell your users to change the default behavior of package upgrade process : Edit > Target Location Properties > Network repository tab > On package upgrade: Move older version to recycle bin. This will prevent user to have to manually clean their library folder each time they upgrade a package. This is probably what is the closest to the OvGME behavior. Anyway, I think user are tall enough to organize their Mod library folder and clean if required...
  4. In the Software Context properties, Installation Batches tab, you have a delete button. You can also simply delete the file within your Context folder... No guide, anyway you can easily deduct by opening an already existing package, watching the structure inside and the .omp XML file. The version is parsed from the file name, it must be at the very end of the file name, preceded by the v letter (either capital or not). ex : My_Package_v1.zip; My_Package_V1.2.zip; My_Package_v1.2.3.zip; The definition XML file must be UTF-8 encoded, especially if description embed non-ASCII characters... Supported image format for snapshots are : jpeg, png, bmp, gif.
  5. To avoid user to download the wrong version, you should remove the undesired entries from the repository. The repository editor provided with OMM is far more advanced than the OvGME one, it allow to open an existing repository XML file, to add, remove and edit entries individually, then save a modified version. Another, more advanced method, is to create a meta-package with proper dependencies to all proper packages versions to be downloaded. This way, assuming you properly edit meta-package dependencies, you can tell people to download the metapackage, this will download (then install) only the desired packages, in order to satisfy the dependencies.
  6. Hi, After almost two years of developement, here come the first official non-beta release: Welcome to Open Mod Manager version 1.0. Actualy, this release simply includes all the previous fixes and changes of the 0.9.9.x hotfixes cycle, plus some minor fixes. So, this will not change much if you allready downloaded the latest "hotfix". Anyway, here the changelog for this version, from the last "main" version 0.9.9 of feburary: Fix and optimize markdown rendering Fix loading JPEG files may cause application to crash Fix and optimized image processing Fix deleting package may crash application Fix Repository Package parse failing due to 'xxhsum' tag not properly handled New support of paths with non-ANSI characters for ZIP file I/O Fix download low performances on large files over high-speed network Added bypass of access denied for network folders which access cannot be properly evaluated Fixed newly created Software Context not properly selected after Wizard dialog closed Fix potential memory leaks when closing software context Update embedded libcurl library to version 7.83.1 Update embedded miniz library to version 2.2.0 For who that already installed any previous version: As usual you can simply download and launch the setup that will overwrite previous files. However, this release upgraded to libcurl 7.83.1 which embed libcrypto and libssl in its main .dll file, so, the following files are no longer needed and can be deleted from the installation folder: 64 bit build: libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll and libssl-1_1-x64.dll 32 bit build: libcrypto-1_1.dll and libssl-1_1.dll As usual, details and download link are avaiable in the first page of this topic
  7. I can confirm the big bug in le version, but concerning problem with certain characters in the path, please retry using the very last release ( Explanation: the was released to fix a zip library files access failures due to a bad charset conversion of the file path. This specific bug was fixed, but this introduced this new bug of zero-sized compressed files... So, it is possible that everything work properly with the
  8. Hi, You do not have to create RTF description, you have to write description in plain text (ideally UTF-8 encoded, but Windows-1252/ISO-8859 is also supported), but using the Markdown syntax: https://www.markdownguide.org/basic-syntax (The RTF format is used only internally, dynamically generated to render formated text into the window control)
  9. Sorry for the delay. I confirm the bug in the latest hotfix. I will investigate. Anyway, this should work properly with previous versions. EDIT: Bug fixed in the latest hotfix If you encounter bugs, please do not hesitate to open an issu in Ggithub, I have better notifications than in this forum.
  10. That's why you have errors. You must include ModDX++.tmh file AFTER the target.tmh file, not before, and certainly not inside: include "target.tmh" include "modules/ModDX++.tmh" Then, you must call the "InitMoreDX()" function (with propers parameters) instead of the "Init()" function within your main() entry. Everything is explained inside the ModDX++.tmh file, as comments. int main() { if(InitMoreDX(64, &EventHandle, CREATE_JOYSTICK)) return 1; } In the above example, 64 is the count of buttons of the virtual joystick to create. You can create a virtual joystick with up to 120 buttons. Other parameters are the ones of the usual "Init" function. Anyway, if you are not familiar with programming, I encourage you to simply use my ready-to-use mapping script, and, if you want, modify it as your tasts : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3318341/
  11. The version is 0.9.9 but for reason I absolutly don't care now, when released hotfix the tag becam 0.99.N. The 0.99.N are new releases corrected of the previous 0.9.9. To be clear and simple, go here and download the last published release : https://github.com/sedenion/OpenModMan/releases
  12. As usual, the release was a bit too early. I just published a new 0.99.2 hotfix version that correct some bugs, but especially the Markdown renderer, which had serious problems with some ordered or unordered lists. Please see the post just before or the first page of this topic for download.
  13. New 0.99.1 Release. https://github.com/sedenion/OpenModMan/releases This release bring a lot a new things and several bug fix: Fix command shortcuts still working when main dialog is not active. Fix scrolling for Overlap and Dependencies in Package Properties Dialog. Fix missing dialogs for package download errors. Fix Package Editor bad encoding of loaded/saved description text. Fix Package Editor not detected file extension when open an existing package. Fix Network Repository description never saved locally. Update embedded XXhash algorithm to the 0.8.1 version. Update embedded Pugixml library to the 1.12.1 version. New Uninstall tree - uninstall with dependencies - feature. New MD5 (md5sum) alogirthm support for repository files checksum. New Category field for Packages. New custom path or URL mechanism for repository files download. New improved message boxes and icons. New Installation Batch "Install-Only" execution mode. New ability to associate description and thumbnail for dev/folder packages. New improved UI with resizable frames. New Markdown parsing support for package description. Interface The main window is now splitted is two resizable frames whith the workspace as main frame, and package overview as bottom frame. Packages descriptions are now parsed as Markdown syntax and rendered in rich formatted text. The renderer use the RTF Format as rendered by WordPad (this is the same engine, the one supplied as standard with WinAPI since Vista)... So, not everything is beautifull (specialy tables and code or quote blocks, which do not resize properly). Folder-Packages (Developer/legacy mode) now support auto-detection of description text and snapshot image. Both description text and image file must be placed beside the folder inside the Library, and have the same name than the folder, either with or without the version string (this, to allow Mod developers to keep the same description text regardless the parsed version). For example, suppose the Folder-Package nammed My_Super_Mod_v1.2, a text file named My_Super_Mod.txt would be recognized as valid description for this folder. Obviously, My_Super_Mod_v1.2.txt will also work. If the file name exactly match the folder name (meaning : including version), it has priority. Network Repository Application now support MD5sum for network repository file checksum (previously, only XXHash3 was supported, a very good but not common hash algorithm). This, to allow third party to develop their own Repository Definition file in developement context where XXHash3 is not available. To specify MD5sum, you must use the "md5sum" attribute instead of "checksum" or "xxhsum" attribute. If people are interested to develop their own Repository generator, tell me and I give you proper specifications for thumbnail and descriptions encapsulation. Network Repository mainteners can now specify a wide variety of custom URL/Path/Subfolder for each package. The previous "Custom URL" implementation of the Repository Editor was a bit simplistic and were imposing to specify a full URL as alternative download address for the package. The new implementation is more flexible and smarter, building the final URL with completion rules. You now can specify either: An alternative subdirectory that will supersede the default subdirectory (eg. /custom/path) An alternative URL that will supersede the default base URL (eg. http://domain.tld/path) An alternative full URL to file that will replace any other default (eg. http://domain.tld/path/My_File.zip) Miscellaneous The installations Batches can now be defined as "Install Only". This feature was requested long time ago, then I finaly implemented it. When an Installation Batch is set to "Install Only", it does not uninstall any package and proceed as "additive install". This allow to combine multiple Installation Batches that will all performs their own additional installs withou uninstalling the previously installed packages. There is now a new "Uninstall Tree" fonction that allow to uninstall the selected package with all its dependency tree. Meaning, if a Package have a dependencies, the installed (and no longer used) dependencies of this package will be uninstalled. This is especially usefull with "meta-packages".
  14. The LASTE Switch (PATH/ALT/HDG) has a special behavior in relation with the AP ENGAGE / DISENGAGE button. You can disable this behavior by setting the AP_MODULE macro to 0 in the Run_*.tmc file
  15. This is a brillant idea... I did similar thing the old way by filing the origin piece to make something similar to your alternate model. I never understoud why Thurstmaster never did that. Unfortunatly, I do not have 3D printer...
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