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  1. on the real plane, the height of the seat is adjustable. You'r looking for Seat Drawing ?
  2. you're welcome, i'm glad that the files are still usefull after all thoses years :)
  3. i've re linked all files of the first page...
  4. hello : https://www.dropbox.com/s/nc8m9sy1m12uvov/A10Cconsoles.zip?dl=0
  5. FSSB R3 is a perfect force sensing base, but you have to keep in mind that force sensing controls are designed for Fly by Wire aircraft... On F-16, it's great, on a Helo or a WWII plane, it's quite tiring and not really adapted. it will work but will not be as comfortable as a standard gimbal system. Think about what kind of addon you're going to use. that's the key for the choice. FSSB R3 is top qualité and accuracy, you can't be disappointed, but don't expect something as good when you use it to control something it was not designed for. If you are aware and OK with that, go for it !
  6. There's a lot of potential here, but it still need some work to become the new reference. The review was written by 3 people to be as fair as possible. The thing to keep in mind is that the devices does the job, it's very very precise. it's a joy to refuel or just patrol. Software seems solid and easy to use. All of the issues can be fixed by the manifacturer (and they's already worked on many of those). That the most frustrating, we are close of a very good devices. With 2 additional month of developpement/testing, things would have been easier/much better for everybody.
  7. if its has a missing button, the internal wiring as probably been damaged when the user opened and closed the grip to remove the thumb 5 way hat. Probably a simple wire cut.
  8. yes the stl part keep the arms "open".
  9. yes, just print the stl provided with in this file. It can be improved, but works like this :) TPR helo.zip
  10. if you want i've designed a part (3d prinable) to shut down the spring recall in few seconds, and get it back as quick...
  11. You can remove the springs or use a part that will neutralize the spring effect. i've created a 3D printable part for that if someone is interested. You can switch "off" the spring in 2 seconds, and return to the original setup as quickly. In the case ypu want to use it without spring, it would be interesting to add some friction : without springs, due to the weight of the pedals and the lack of friction, Isaac NEWTON magic calls the pedals to center position. Add a Friction system may be easy, but no time for expriment and mod this right now, just enjoying the rudder as it is.
  12. Nice, i'm going to give it a try, that's an interesting addon for sure :)
  13. drivers, drawing, callibration utility are avaliable at https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/tpr-en/ The rudder is self callibrating but if you want to mod or have cockpit constraint...
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