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  1. cool_t

    Latvia Russa

    Where are the cool spots to hang out, Im very borred right now?
  2. Hey all, doing great here in Wisconsin USA. The winter was a bit long and cold but ehhhh. Other than that just work work work. Hope all is well with yall and you are enjoying the friendly airspace whith out me spamming 120s!!! Whats the new game/version like? Is it picking up as far a clients/players? Later, T
  3. I went to China-Mart in town here, didnt see Flaming Cliffs 3 there so I got some steaks and beer instead... :doh:
  4. @ Frostie ;) 1. Were on a network of electrical signals from many miles away, so theres a delay time in real time "On Line" in combat... 2. Bring up the "Old" and "New" Tac-View tracks of me engaging 3-4 Su-27 at a time... 3. On your server I get a C++ script thing when I just get ready to throw my Ninja stars from my magical moves and the game crashes ... 3 out of 5 flights ... I cant remember but do I need to fix or down load a "Mod" ... its been 2 years since Ive been in the pit... 4. Shot a SU-27 down today and they exited the mission and I didnt get the Kill... they were very skilled but as usual crossing swords with cool_t is like bringing ones "Wife, Girl" to the strip club that she doesnt know you go to 2wice a week... Information overload and very dangerous :) 5. S!!! :joystick:
  5. @ Frostie...Not at all, I have Spam in the morning some times when my Woman wakes up KRANKY... You know how it works, its all about energy. I like the 80s' mission on the 51st, with out the "ET-Missile" the Su-27 performance is cut by 50%... I mean let F-15 drivers put some "ETz" on the racks and then performance will be changed in another patch :smilewink: Anyways, same old arguments same game, nothing has changed except for a few script lines in the program :book: Nice talking to you all and im glad your all doing well :thumbup:
  6. @Silver...Sure... Lets talk about missiles being launched from -10,000ft...and the thick air and such... Its been an issue for many years... It Kinda was fixed in FC-2... but then the fix got fixed ...Again...with FC-2 Patch... Oh well :thumbup:
  7. Wow,,,My reputation is at "11"... Sweet !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeOXsA8sp_E :music_whistling:
  8. @ GG... I saw Martin not 2 long ago... He posted some cool Vids on his Face Book Page... Oh well... Nice 2 c G.G. is still in the pit... Wheres "Pilo"???
  9. Hahahahaa...LOL...Its all a part of my "Tac-Tics" Demorilzing my self so when you see me in the "51st" you think Im dumb/Lacking the understanding of potential energy... and then ...well..."Retreating Windmill" and well... As far as consumer stuff, Its all de-classified so there is no chaff or flares ... "HELLO BOYS !!! IM BACK !!!" AS Ozzy Osbourne once said... "Let the Madness...Begin" !!! FC-3 ... Wheres "ICE" 169th??? :joystick:
  10. @ NATE...Wrong answer...Dont use your "Tester team" for bulling tactics...Purchasing a product at point of purchase and then having a manufacture "Change it" with a "Patch" is ILLEGAL, look up some consumer protection statutes. This has been going on for some years now, and your loosing consumers. Theres MILLIONS of gamers out there that are NOT playing LOMAC-FC... Ask your self "Why" then get back to "US" Done...
  11. Hey guys, Its been a while and I put lock on back on my P.C... I see allot of negative comments about the "Missile" fix... 1. FC2 (Before Patch) 10-Kill ratio with AIM-120. 2. After FC2-Patch, 120-Kill ratio went back to Flaming Cliffs performance. 3. F-15 Powerplant downgrade in FC2-Patch. I dont get why ED does this, and now we are seeing many people talk about product that we buy being changed over and over again. I truly do enjoy the people here but I stopped playing LOMAC for reasons stated in previous postings and also when I buy a product I expect it to be as the producer says it is and NOT to get something different after a "Patch" If I order a large pizza I want a large Pizza, not 1/2 of a large Pizza. If FC3 stands by fixing things PERMANENTLY Ill buy and play again...If I buy it and then a new patch comes out that CHANGES what I purchased, Ill want my money back from LOMAC 1 to FC3. :smartass:
  12. Hey I have been out of the loop for some time and I have just started thinking about putting the F-15c back into service ;) Along with the Black-Shark and new A-10...Just wondering if any bugs have been fixed/found and also hows every one doing :) Cool_t
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