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  1. Well I suppose thats not AS bad, but it still seems with all the limitations cropping up with vista that we're taking a step backwards as far as functionality goes. It's a shame game devs switched from openGL to DirectX, if everything was still ogl i could keep xp indefinately! -Chris
  2. Are you serious rugg? I was upset by vista before, but that is just sickening. What right do they have to take away somthing that is yours that you paid for? I can't beleive they can get away with that! that must be illegal surely! its not like your local car dealer can come round your house and claim back your car when you buy the latest model, it's yours ffs!...man I've been dreading vista + DRP, but that just crosses the line, forbidding you to use products that you own and paid for......words really cant express quite how mad that news makes me...I just hope it all goes horribly wrong for Microsoft, I have never wished any malice on anyone, but quite frankly I think not only preventing you from watching movies that youve paid for, but writing off your previous os too...wtf :mad::mad::mad::mad:.....Livid...as I'm sure you've all guessed Chris
  3. Hi all, Can anyone tell me to which aircraft the failure probabilities are applied? is it to the currently selected aircraft/flight or only the player aircraft? I am creating a mission which involves planes in need of an overhaul but forced to fly anyway. If I make it multiplayer, will the failures be applied to all client aircraft? Cheers -Chris
  4. If there was any doubt before, check out this beauty....Comes in Outrageous Orange for maximum stealth! -Chris http://www.stavatti.com/f26/gallery/STALMA_INDIA_2.html
  5. On the subject - does anyone know a way to toggle fuel dump on? its a real pain having to hold the button down -Chris
  6. I got a trackir hat free with tir4, and it's not reflective at all, it just has the trackir logo on it. It's no different to a normal cap either. The clip fits just fine on all my caps. Hope this helps Chris
  7. I don't understand why someone dosnt just make a headset like the olympus Eyetreks they has a few years back (glasses with the equivalent of a 32 inch screen in them)....like these http://www.vrealities.com/eyetrek.html You could build in some motion tracking stuff like the new nintendo Wii (lol) pads, an there you have it, plus you could look around normally without having to get used to the way you do it with trackir. Just my 2c worth anyway Chris
  8. It's all sorted. Found a widescreen monitor with component inputs, so I can just plug the XBox into that. Cheers for the input tho guys. Chris
  9. Yeh they make em....I would just get a normal monitor but I want to plug my XBox in too as it looks much better on an HDTV set, which is fine cos I can sit on my bed, but I dont really want to sit on the bed for lockon/BF2...but I'd be quite close with it on the wall behind my desk Chris
  10. Hi guys, Been thinking about getting a display thats HDTV capable...just wondering if anyone out there is using one? I've noticed the resolutions arn't great, but thats not too much of a problem, just wondering if you can sit as close as with a normal monitor? If not then it probably wont be much use as I don't have alot of space. Cheers guys -Chris
  11. Hi All, I have an odd problem that I'm hoping someone will be able to shed some light on. I've played a fair bit of multiplayer lock on with my mate, using my machine as the server. I have the port forwarded on my router and it allways worked just fine. When we tried to play again recently it dosn't work anymore. When he presses the connect button, it flashes to cancel for s plit second, then back to connect...as if it never really made any attempt to connect at all. We tried it the other way round and the same thing seems to happen at my end and I can't figure out why at all. Nothing has changed on our networks or machines and he can connect to the teamspeak server on my machine just fine like usual. The only thing we could think of that had changed was that he installed the fps tweak package thing, and mine was still a standard install, but he rolled it back to standard and we still have the same problem. Any ideas? Cheers -Chris
  12. Ah....sorry, didn't know u had to set the pinkie switch up otherwise it does nothing. I was just being brainless! Chris
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